Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a time to play

Sarah was Bashful in a "Snow White and the Family of Seven" play at Greendale School. She'll go to Greendale next year.

We spent a good part of a sunny Monday a few weeks ago at Hicks Lake. So fun. Thanks Dad and Mom K. for lending your canoe.

Lunch on a little island.

It was very hot and Sarah dunked herself in and out of the water after our lunch. I was determined to not swim and get hypothermic like I have been known to do in other cold lakes, but she inspired me and I also dunked in a few times. And I did NOT get hypothermic and felt refreshed for the rest of the afternoon :)


Blogger heidi said...

gorgeous photos! seeing your happy faces and the beautiful scenery of BC makes me so excited to visit soon!!

3:44 PM  

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