Wednesday, December 08, 2004

but I was ready

Another day of milk two shirts doused today. One time when I was burping Sarah, with flannel recieiving blanket cupped under her chin, the milk flowed off the blanket, ran down the arm of the couch and into a library book that was inbetween the couch cushion and arm. I thought to myself, "...but I was ready."

Went to the House of James today while my mom looked after Sarah. Rode my bike. That's exactly how I used to go to work, so it kinda felt like I was going to work. Wierd. It was sure easier to look around when Sarah is not with me. Sarah slept lots today. This evening was Andy's work dinner for Cmas at Earl's in Langley. Fun night. I had their warm spinach salad with chickpeas, olives, sundried tomatoes, red onions...Yum. And gingerbread with roasted apples for dessert. Talked to another wife there who has a 2 yr. old. As we left she said, "She looks fabulous" and said to Andy too, "Nice wife." Awh, how encouraging. I borrowed a skirt from my Mom for the evening. My old ones don't fit yet. Sarah was babysat by the other grandma - Andy's mom, and she slept the whole time.
I am so looking forward to my friend Amy who is coming to visit in the next little while. She's from Cranbrook and worked at camp with us (You can see pictures of Andy and I etc. on this site. See COLTS sections). She is a delightful person.
Weirdest snack tonight...leftover baked soybeans and oatmeal with Udo's oil. The chocolate chip bar I had earlier just didn't cut it:)
Well my friends and visitors, that's all for now. May you know His peace.


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