Saturday, December 04, 2004

wet coast

Was thinking about how it is so wet here where we live cause it's been rainy for a while. I like this weather though - the rain and our wet moderate climate. What do I like about it? I like that we don't have a long hot summer where I have to hide from the sun (I burn easy). The air is stinky in the summer (pollution gets stuck in our valley). You can go outside all months of the year without spending 10 min. bundling up, like you'd have to for most Canadian winters. So, I'm happy where I live...especially in the fall and winter.
Was also thinking about how when it's rainy for a long period of time, the promise of good weather seems more sure...or is it that it makes the promise more valuable? I know this weather cannot and will not go on indefinately so it's kind of interesting to wait it out and see when it will end. You know there are mountains behind the clouds and it's just a matter of time before you see them. When these dry days come I tend to not take them for granted.


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