Thursday, December 16, 2004

killer gingerbread and talking pumpkin seeds

...would have been the title of my blog yesterday, so it will be today's title. That gingerbread I rolled out more of yesterday did a number on my wrists (almost all recovered now today) and as I was heating up the oven to bake it so were some pumpkin seeds Andy had heating up. When I took them out they were sizzling, which kind of sounded like talking.
Sarah tried out her Merry Muscles again today. Didn't bounce too much, but I think she liked it.
Felt today like I understood the phrase "house wife." Have kind of felt like I'm kinda always behind on house work and have felt married to the house.
It's fun to see Sarah's body language when she gets excited to see me. I'll approach her little chair that she's in and maybe say something to her, leaning down to her, and she'll start kicking and wavying her arms and smiling. Also, I enjoy our silent communication - like when I smile at her silently and she smiles back. I think it's so cool when she smiles when she's waking up - looking at me from her playpen/bassinet.


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