Wednesday, November 30, 2005

still here

Hey, it's been awhile...been taking a break for my arms, but thought I'd check in cause a little bloggin' won't hurt and I miss it. So much as been happening with Sarah. She's walking all over. Got some 10 cent shoes she can where outside. It snowed the last two days...just a bit. We're thinking Cmas over here...planning gifts and had a good discussion on what it means to prepare for Cmas. Thinking about Jesus, baby Jesus is something that stuck in my head. Baby Jesus. Lately when I hold Sarah I think, Jesus was this age.
Here is a prayer I wrote recently. It will be in our bulletin this week at church.

An Advent Prayer

Jesus, it’s Christmas time soon…we’re preparing to celebrate your birth. Your birth – the beginning of God’s plan to make it possible for us to have an eternal relationship with you. Wow.

For many of us, Jesus, things bet busier this time of year - gatherings and events to go to, decorations to put up, gifts to buy and food to prepare.

Jesus, we ask you - we invite you - to saturate our thoughts, and our hearts, amidst our increased activity, so you shine in and through us. Be our Lord this Christmas season.

Help us be intentional this Christmas…focused on you. Help us listen to how you want us to spend our time, money and energies.

We give thanks for you Jesus…we give thanks to you and celebrate you.


Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…be thankful.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

from Colossians 3:15-17 (NIV)

P.S. the pic is from last weekend's trip to the Fish Hatchery. Cold day. Bunch of fish.
P.P.S. Welcome to Meredith and the blog land (see links on sidebar). Meredith is one of Andy's cousins on his Dad's side. Got to see her and her two boys along with M.'s sister and her 2 kids and our Grma a bit ago for lunch. Fun times. Lisa is a cousin on Andy's Mom's side. Fun to keep up with everyone through blogs.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Heather (M.'s mom), Marissa, Jody, Sarah.

Marissa. Saw another friend and her daughter that day too.

Jody and Annilee.

Joseph (Jody's).

Last Monday visited with some friends...Rebekah Janzen and Jody Nesbitt and kids. This is Sarah and Annilee (Jody's). Thanks for sharing the toys Annilee.

After our getaway...the next morn. I'm making a fingerpuppet pickle dance for Sarah. We got it on our holiday - free with pickles...imagine that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hemlock Anniversary trip

A few shots from our walk in the woods.


Some pics. from our anniversay getaway at my aunt and uncles cabin. Great time.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

California pictures

Here they are at last. I'd write more about the trip, but my arms won't allow...thinkin' one of those word recognition programs may be the thing for me. We had a blast and are so thankful we could go.

Monday morn. A and I went for a hike while Heidi played with Sarah. It was nice...great views from up there. We took off from their house. There were prickly bushes that made it a little tricky though.

Andy and I went for a paddle in the pond and after Sarah enjoyed the boat (on shore) also.

Heidi and Sarah and I went for a walk and found this truck mist the vast array of broken treasures their neighbor collects and 'displays' all over his large property.

View of their house.

Waiting, with the chicken that comes apart, to go out for dinner - Mexican - very nice & yummy - in front of their house.

After the park we went to see Heidi at the Christian bookstore she works at.

Jessica and John.

Josh and Kaylee.

Rhinos. I liked those guys.

The end of the day brought us a train ride around the park to view animals.

Stopped to look at some greenery.

Sarah gained a crawling partner in Kaylee. Fun.

Taking a break from the stroller.

Sat. while Heidi worked we went to the Wild Animal Park with (from left) Josh, (then is Sarah and me), Kaylee, Chris and John (in stroller and Jessica (Josh's sister - Kaylee and John are hers).

Andy took a hike up to one of the rocky hills up above Josh and Heidi's house. Their house is the one on the right.

Walking back towards Josh and Heidi's house.

Went for a little walk from their house on Sat. This looks like an album cover to me. Any title suggestions?

Sarah enjoyed some rock climbing too.

Josh and Heidi.

At the airport.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

back from california

Hi. We had a good trip to visit Heidi and Josh and will post pics sometime soon. Andy and I will spend a night away from Sarah for our anniversary tomorrow. Yeah. Hey, see Heidi's blog for some (news and pics) about our trip.

farm day

We went to Willow View farms in Abb. a few Saturdays ago. Picked Elstar apples and some pumpkins. Also saw some animals (pics didn't turn out). Got muddy in the pumpkin patch.