Thursday, October 29, 2009

First stroller ride a few weeks ago.

Camping in the Princeton area end of Sept. This lady, Shawn, from Princeton Baptist put on a very thoughful and creative shower for Jacob...what a blessing. She thought of so many neat ideas for the shower. It was a special time.

more random pics

Long gown from Heidi and Josh... Cozy kids when we went camping end of Sept. in Andy's folk's Boler.

Grma A. and Sarah - two peas in a pod I say.

Sarah's post

This is a picture of the baby smiling in a towel (SA). A picture of doll (SA). Grma Kathy sewed this doll for Cara.

This is Sarah by the apples. We went to an apple farm and Sarah got to ride in the apple wagon (SA). This is on Thanksgiving Sunday.

some pics...from a while back

Grandma Lillian with Jacob. Her husband was named Jacob (Jake) Abrahams and we named Jacob after him.
Jacob is wearing a peter rabbit sleeper Grandma K. gave him. Sarah wanted this picture because of his open arms.

Feet on cheeks (SA).

Sarah is giving Jacob a hug before bedtime (SA). While we were still living at Grma and Grpa's house.

Monday, October 05, 2009

This is a family picture (Sarah). This is a picture of Jacob (Sarah).
This is Mommy by the flowers.

Summer pizza dinner at Abrahams. I am in labor...last pregnancy shot of me as well taken that night.

from Sarah

Sarah wanted to say that she has started homeschooling. For homeschool she does 'Math, learning about letters and when we get more books in about apples we will learn about apples.' (Sarah)

I am starting ballet classes today after we go to Grandma Kathy's house. (Sarah)

Sarah wanted to put a video our blog today. This is the day Jacob was born.