Monday, July 17, 2006

chips and fish and vinegar

Ahh...I am so frustrated right now. I put an 'ad' out for an inexpensive bike trailer via and recieved word from someone in Merritt (less than an hour away) selling one for $70. But I got the message a few days after he sent it cause I'd put my secondary email on the ad which I don't check every day.
Erg, just heard back from him and he sold it over the weekend already.
Ok, now I feel a little better, just sharing that.
Sarah and I went into town with Andy in the pickup truck today for the dump/bread/milk run for camp. Got personal groceries too. Feeling much better. Sarah slept all through the night (been happening lately) and is not ready for a nap yet and is playing very tiredly. I'm trying to figure out flight(s) to Edmonton to see the Odegards in Aug. May drive with my folks one way...too many options...all this flight stuff...out of Abb. is good but there's this one flight that has us stuck in Calgary for the night - that won't work that great.
Anyway...too tired to make decisions. I bet Andy will have some ideas.
Oh, Sarah and I are spending a week in Abb. from July 22-29.
I wrote in my journel that I must be getting better because I'm not sleeping very well again. I'll lay in bed thinking...I've been noticing our bed sagging some too (Andy's on that with some plywood or something and maybe save up for another bed too).
That's all for now, maybe try to make this naptime happen soon.
Random title just for fun....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

new plan

Oh the new plan because I am sick sick sick (Mom report - sore throat, achy, cold, then hot) is setting up the tent in the front yard and eating dinner (fishies Andy caught during our nap) outside. Kind of disappointing because almost all the remaining weekends of the summer are booked with things - weddings, grad reunions etc. It is sunny and wonderful weather and I said at lunch to people that I feel 150 % better being outside. Andy just dug out new potatoes (reds) out of our garden for dinner. Dad A., he said you'd be jealous cause there is minimal scabbiness.
Now I'm writing at 9:30 pm and we didn't set up the tent or eat outside but that was ok. Sarah and Andy hung out this eve and I hung out in bed. I'm feeling a little better. He 'hung out' with her a lot longer than I thought...hope this 'bedtime' goes faster. Popcorn sounds good later.
Many staff (most senior staff) here are very wiped out. Please pray for wisdom in running the program this summer while being understaffed. We have a heart for people not getting burnt out, of course. Smiling inside because of God's steadiness and Jesus strong name.

Friday, July 14, 2006

french fries and ice cream

Well, you will never know what I've been up to unless I tell you or you ask. My post from yesterday inadvertantly did not get saved so I'll see what I remember from then. Lots of adventures since yesterday though to report.
Dad A. was up Sun. night to Mon. so we had a date Mon. night. Started out with me going for a swim (pool noodle workout/worship session - highlights - loon 10 feet away and great hills/trees to be in awe of) at the lake down the road. Then we found an Italian restaurant where we had our own 'room' to eat in - nice...I felt myself getting more and more relaxed as the meal went on. I ordered a tea also as I was a bit cold from swimming. Then to the bank and post office and out to pick Saskatoon berries until the mosquitos helped us stop. Other adventures - trying to rely on God's mighty working through exhaustion and my journel is full of much praise to him. Tues. we went to the Mom and Tots indoor play time (our 2nd time only - happens every week) and it was a lot more relaxing for me which was nice. Today's adventure was going to a different OUTDOOR summer Moms and tots thing. Today the focus was playing games (other days will be making crafts, looking at bugs etc). Sarah had woke up just in time for us to leave and we made it. Renee was there (Mom of twin boys (18 mos?) and a 3 year old boy and Louise (14 mos. girl and 3 year old boy. She was also babysitting another 3 yr.old boy). I'd met both of them before and they made a spontaneous plan to go out for lunch and go to the kids reading time at the library at 1 pm. I decided to go for it and we ended up walking to 'Cones and Dogs' where we had fish and chips and ice cream for lunch. Renee's husband was also able to spontaneously come as well. I ordered only a one piece meal and ended up basically having fries for lunch cause Sarah was really enjoying the fish which I dug out of it's batter :) Then I ordered a small non-dairy peach sorbet cone cause I thought she may feel left out with ALL the other kids having cones, but when I asked her if she wanted some she said, no, like I predicted. So I pushed back the cone and off we went, me laughing inside about my weird meal (and my tummy feeling the difference from what we usually eat) and smiling for a chance to hang out with other Moms. The 3 year olds had there own booth (there are only 4 booths in this small joint) and where being very quiet for awhile. Later we discovered they'd used half a bottle (or more?) of ketchup on their food...there was a lake. Then we went to the post office and to the library to discover that the program was for kids 6 and up...the fellow reading (world traveller guy named 'Max Tell') said he'd do a few pieces for the younger ones and then 'invite us to leave' becuase the content got 'scarier'. That was ok with me, but the 2 songs only lasted 5 or 7 min. and we'd kinda waited around (did lunch etc) for the program. Oh well. Then on the way back, walking still, we ran into another lady I met at our church who'd rescued a stray dog from the highway. This lady, Sally, was the Mom of the boy being watched by Lousie. While the 3 yr. old boys played in the phone booth, the twins napped in their double stroller and Sarah hung out on my back and 14 mon. old Isabelle in her stroller, the other mom's talked about and looked at the dog. Renee's family is looking for a dog...anyway, this went on for a bit so we decided to leave and go back to our car to come home. On the way home Sarah was occupied by a sheet of stickers she got in the mail (this sticker club thing, thanks to those who participated). She decorated her carseat well.
It's 10:45 pm on Fri. and sarah is still not sleeping...hmmmm...the plan is to go to Manning Park backpacking tomorrow afternoon. Yeah. Goodnight soon hopefully. Burnt some bread and banana bread in our new stove (Andy put it in)...I think it's too hot.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Trooper (program director) and Sarah before she got her finger stuck in the hole in the clipboard...and she's in my sweater cause I forgot hers. Just after this (she was then diaperless, cause we'd used all the ones I had with me) we were sitting together (her on my lap) and I feel a warm wet feeling and her pee soaks through my pants and drips onto the ground under the picnic table...hmm.

Gandalf (Brandon) taking time to read to Sarah after a meal.

A bit of a walk along the kettle valley railway. I like the sky here. Oh, we'd love a trailer to carry Sarah behind our bikes for this path.

Sarah and ground squirrels at the park in town. We tried going to this summer outdoor kids thing which starts this week, not last week. So it was just us and the squirrels.

The Nesbitt family. Jody, Anilee, Joseph and Brent were in our area last week. They came for dinner and one day Jody and the kids went for a walk and had lunch here...great feeling to drive to her folk's cabin down the road - wow, a 10 min. drive and there is a friend. Love you guys.

Mom A sent up these flowers in boots...thanks, we like 'em.

Front yard...Andy mowed around the we can play 'hide' behind them and run around them.

Our summer staff at the end of the 'welcome' where they sing Jack Johnson's 'Sharing Song' (title?) with words made up that talk about being at camp.

There's the catch. Andy got this little one.

Me trying fly fishing - first time.

July 1st fishing trip.

Playing at the beach...sandcastle day.

Filming for camp video.

Monkey smells the flowers.

Video day - shooting for camp video...Sarah and I were extras.

Pinky (camp name) and La la (Sarah's camp name, cause she likes music).

A view from inside the dining hall at RockRidge camp...nice place, this just gives you a feel for it.

Cherise and Sarah. Awesome environment there...the lake is in this canyon-type place.

We got to ride in the boat and here we are...I was so pumped they had a lifejacket SA's size.

At Rockridge camp (also near Princeton, run by Young Life). My friend Cherise was out for a couple of days.

Setting up one of the 'blobs' for summer use, during staff training.

Sometimes I eat snacks here.

At the river after church one hot day. I love how Andy is laughing here...probably at something Sarah said :)

Danny and Beth Grey and their kids (pictured here - Sara and Elijah) stopped by a month (?) ago on their way home from Kelowna. So good to see you guys. Thanks for hunting us down!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This was yesterday...just wanted to give a few 'fresh' pictures before I share some older ones at some point.

noodles and juice

Hey Ho, camp is started...started yesterday. Our neighbors across the street had a big camping party which included them playing loud music till midnight for two nights. Sarah's been having trouble falling asleep before 10 or 11 pm at night...we think maybe because of the heat. Andy bought a fan today. Andy has been very busy at camp and it makes him tired. On Sat. we had a fun adventure of fly fishing together. He bought me a little box to store flies in and some other things I'll need. On our date the other week I'd bought my fishing licsence. So, I really enjoyed the fly fishing but lost a couple of flies...I think they landed on the shore (opps). Going to get some more practice in at our lake, I'm sure. We have a BOOSTER JUICE in Princeton now. It was grand opening day Sat. (with 1/2 price smoothies) so that is how we started our adventure. It's been incredibly hot here and we've been using lots of sunscreen and Sarah's sunsuit. Current books on the go are, still polishing off "The Discipline Book*" by Dr. Sears, That Mary Martha World book (see last post), A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian D. McLaren (hopefully I get through it), and "Adventures in Gentle Discipline" Hilary Flower and "Who is this Jesus?*" by some teacher at Regent (Michael Green). *on table in Sarah's room where I nurse here.
Now it's Tues. Last night I got to bust out of the house alone, after a cry-hit the guest room bed melt-down, on my bike to almost the other end of the lake for a quick swim (can't swim at camp unless campers are now). So, there I went with my pool noodle 'tucked' in between my backpack and back, biking down the highway - those noodles are long. Anyway, quite a sight. Nice refreshing swim.
Sarah to bed at 10 pm last night...hmmm...doesn't leave much time for AA and I.
Nesbitts are down the lake at Jody's parents cabin - are coming for dinner - Hurray. Cleaning and napping await. Bye for now.