Friday, February 29, 2008

Family picture from our picnic/swimming/shopping afternoon day in Merritt. Sarah and her new haircut and drawing. The person on the left has such crazy hair because it is 'a windy day.'

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Engler family visited us at the beginning of Feb. We took a walk out to the lake and the kids did some potato stamping. Good times.

sally the snow woman

Saturday...we had lots of wet snow so we built Sally the snow woman or girl outside the office and shop. Andy came out with a dowel nose and eyes for us. He was working on our greenhouse in the shop.


Sarah enjoying one of the last kiwi's sent home with us from Grandad and Grandma's tree. We so enjoyed them. Thank you. Sarah loved them. I'd peel and cut them up and she'd eat them with a fork very quickly. She had one a day. She is sitting outside the craft building at camp here.
We've had a very friendly cat hanging around here for the last 3 weeks. Sarah named him Sally. We are still deciding what to do with him/her. Anyone want a cat? Sally really likes us Sarah says. She rubs her body against ours when we come outside and follows us to our door when we go in.
We went all over yesterday, including down to camp for a 'fantastic winter show' that we put on at the campfire pit. I did some dancing and singing and a lesson on how to build a snowman and it kept falling apart which sent Sarah into great giggles. Then she sang some songs - This Old Man and ABC. You can see the snowman and Sarah in the picture.