Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last week we picked strawberries. The first day Jacob and I went and it took 45 min. to pick 1.78 pounds of berries because it was 1 pm in the afternoon and everything was picked over. Why didn't I go in the morning? I was feeling too tired to safely operate a motor vehicle....
I wanted to get something since I drove all that way - Krause Berry Farm in Aldergrove/Langley.
They told me they'd be opening the next field over the next day and sure enough, there were way more ripe berries there - I was allowed to go look at the fied...So we went and were assigned rows and everthing and we picked till all the good picking was done. We did much better than the day before. Jody and her kids came too, so that was nice Sarah had some people to hang out with when she got tired picking. I've made one batch of jam and have frozen a bunch of berries too.
The second day was actually a little drizzly and we were getting cold hands sometimes. I didn't mind that type of weather in comparison to too much heat and it didn't dampen other people's spirits to come on out for picking.