Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb. update

I just came back from a wonderful cross country ski on our field. I brought the camera and took pictures too - some even of me, cause I brought the tripod.

So, we went to Abbotoford Jan. 31 and visited people and a Feb.2-5 we went to the BC Camp Association/Fellowship of Christian Camps at Stillwood in the Columbia Village. The Camp Conference was great. I got to help lead worship which was really I really enjoyed. I met two encouraging ladies who also have children in heaven or know someone who does. I also enjoyed music and messages and a workshop on "how to develop a talk" by Sam Rowland.

On the 5th, Andy headed back home, sick, and Sarah and I stayed in Abbotsford for one week visiting with family and a few other people.

We had a "Christmas" gathering with my side of the family because my uncle (Mom's brother) was in town.

I attended the first concert at the new coffeehouse at the House of James - Sheree Plett and This Old Mountain. Had fun dancing with Eva and Elijah.Sarah and I stayed with the Abrahams from Sat. till Thurs.

We witnessed James' baptism on Sunday morning and enjoyed a dinner with his friends for the lunch meal.

I got to visit a friend with a new baby and another friend with her 3 and 5 year old - Joshua and Cherith. Sarah enjoyed doing some art with them.I got lots of resting and naps in and some park-time with Sarah. One day we had funny snow/hail come down on us. We also enjoyed swimming at the local pool. So fun. We'd go swimming probably every week if we had an indoor pool here.

Dad A. drove us back on Thurs. the 12th and stayed one night at our place. Andy was just getting better, only to catch something else on the next Sunday. He is recovering from that once again. The latest thing has attacked his sinuses.

While at the Abrahams house I was impressed with how they keep their kitchen clean. At my parent's it is not the same way. It gets clean but not always within an hour of the last eaten meal. Anyway, being inspired with this mode of cleanliness, I have managed to keep up to my own dishes, here at home, for over a week! I haven't made any meals, save heating up leftovers, but the dishes have been kept up with. It is nice to clean up in 10-15 min. spurts rather than 30-45 min. marathon at the end of a day.Andy and I had a good talk about how I sometimes wish I could do more and he reminded me my primary goal is to take care of myself right now, so that was very encouraging.

Anyway, what else? Sarah and I did contribute a side-dish to dinner tonight. Cabbage Au Gratin...baked grated cabbage and carrots with a rice milk/egg/cheese mixture on top (all ends up getting mixed together).

I took out "Superman, the Movie" from our library and that has been fun to watch. It was filmed in 1978, the year I was born. Slow start, but intersting all the same.

I am singing on worship team tomorrow and it was neat, when I got to the practice Wed., with Sarah, two of her friends from church were there for her to play with, cause their Mom, Leanne, was also on the worship team. Sarah enjoyed following/chasing Graham, the two year old around the church and coloring with Holly (age 5).

We've (Sarah) been doing more sledding and a few days I have brought out a chair to watch Sarah and read a book or journal. Most of the time while she's sledding, I'm marching (walking quickly) around in circles as to get some excercise and also stay close enough to keep an eye on her.

I have been quite tired, still and the adjustment from my great time of rest in Abbotsford and responsibilities here I have noted.

We made it back to Strong Start Mon. and that was fun.

Then yesterday evening we took in the last hockey game of the season, in Princeton. Princeton Posse against the Chase Chiefs. It was great. We stayed for 2 periods and then home. It started at 7pm, so it was a late night for Sarah. Ya, watching the game was intriguing and I really enjoyed it. Sarah seemed captivated as well.

Did I ever tell you that Sarah named our growing baby Bi-Bim-Bop (Korean for "to mix toghter rice - a really tasty dish, by the way)? Bi-Bim-Bop is still growing and making me do so, and I noticed I couldn't get into the hen house very well as the door is wedged part-way shut because of hay or something and my belly was definatetly in the way. The hens enjoy pecking snow off our boots. I love how Sarah talks to them - like I do - and tells me, "They'll move if you put your hands out" or as she is picking up the eggs "Thank you hens" and then showing one egg to one, "Oh, is this your egg?"

I gave Sarah a haircut a few days ago and it was a challenge although the end result I think is nice. She stayed perfectly still, I just had trouble getting all her hair the same length at first. More of her face shows and that is nice.

We did some face painting on one another today. She was a clown and she drew a cherry and a base ball cap on my respective cheeks. Andy got a cherry too. I remember having watercolor pencils growing up, for face painting, and they were a lot of fun. We used brushes today and that worked too.

I think that is it for now. But no, it isn't. I've thought of a few more things that happened while in Abbotsford.

Andy and I went out with Lance and Aimee and Anders to the NAAM - a very old vegetarian and eceletic restaurant in Vancouver. It was lovely and we enjoyed a walk at Jericho beach afterwards. Before that we also went to a farmer's market they buy carrots and apples at.

The next day we had lunch with the Abrahams in celebration of Dad A.'s retirement. He's done work now and we are very happy for him.

Sarah has been enjoying a VHS video from our church library called, "The Donut Man Active-time Songs." She stands in front of the TV and joins in all the actions. They are very meaningful songs, so it's neat to see her singing and acting them out.She told me the other day, "I love the Donut Man" (the video) and she asks to see it daily. We are sticking to every other day for now. :)

We've been enjoying Lance's new albums he gave us as well as a couple he lent us - "This Old Mountain" and "Ordinary Time - Until He Comes."