Monday, October 29, 2007

Hi. Just wanted to say my greatest adventures lately were visiting my friend Shannon McIntyre (nee Kroeker) in Canmore for 3 nights, and having Mark J., his sister Ann and her son Jack (3 yrs.) over for a couple nights.
The Canmore trip was a good change of pace with walks, one run, lots of talking, hearing some good speakers (Brian McClaren one night), and their pastor another (has a passion for the word, is building a library in their church - with resources for studying the Bible).
Shannon is due with their first child end of Jan. and this was a good time to catch up in person before her life changes. :) Good to get to know Andrew, her husband, more as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

back to the house

From a 'hike' we took a few weeks ago...just on the trail from the barn to our house.

wherever you

In a month I turn 29. Hmmm. :)

Thanksgiving was busy with all sorts of family gatherings. 4 gatherings we had. A few highlights included a smaller gathering on my Klassen side (Dad's mom) - got to visit better with the people who were there - for example, one person could tell a story and everyone could listen, seeing Heidi and Tristan at Mom A's, and having my Wellunscheg grandparents come for Thanksgiving organic chicken soup at my Moms and doing a 'thank you God for' prayer with everyone there.

We stopped at Anita's Organic Grain Mill in Chilliwack and got their newsletter that let us know that wheat prices have doubled since 2005 and will continue to increase. The reason being the "demand for green fuel sources that has encouraged many farmers to change their production to corn and other bio-fuels. Corn also has increased in price and worldwide spelt supplies are very tight". So they said they've been able to lock their prices for the next 3-4 months. We may be buying lots of flour soon...also we get excited about learning how to make lefse (flatbread made with potatoes) and other things that can be made with food we grow. Part of the reason we garden and preserve so much is to be stewardly with resources God's given by eating local (less fuel [emissions are bad for the earth- you know that] needed to ship/truck produce from afar). Not to mention the negative nutritional impact of having food shipped and stored for long periods of time before it hits your plate.
I read the eye-opening and inspiring book "Eat Here" this summer and Andy read, "Fast Food Nation." We are trying to do the 100 mile diet, as we can.

More interesting books on the topic (related to sustainability) are:
Hungry Planet - informative coffee table book we saw at Abraham's house. Look up this link and check it out.
Earth from Above - also a nice coffeetable book we got out from our libary. See for pictures featured in the book. Has a picture for each day of the year with some facts about what's happening on earth with the environment.

P.S. Anita's is having an OPEN HOUSE Nov.17 from 10am-3pm (noticed event is not on their website, but it is happening). They'll have goodies to sample, tours of the milling facility and other activities. They sell all sorts of grain and some baking supplies like dried fruit and nuts (fair trade). My parents and sister are crazy about their pancake mix (makes a good gift).

Anybody want to encourage us by sharing thoughts about what you are doing to live sustainably? Sometimes we can feel a little bit like oddballs and on our own.

Another event plug with a book plug attached:
2007 Arts and Peace Festival - Peace on Earth! Waiting, participating and celebrating the redemption of all creation Nov. 7-11, Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford and surrounding area.
Most events are free except the drama one evening and a concert.
Simply in Season Cookbook- A seasonal cookbook. We've used this lots. Great recpies for canning too. Now we are in the fall section, of course - a whole new batch of recipes using squash and apples and beets etc.

Hope you haven't been overwhelmed by the amount of links in this entry...just wanted to share what we've been up to with regard to food etc. and thought you could find out more if I used links, rather than me type all this stuff over again.