Saturday, April 30, 2005


Been wanting to write for awhile...and right now I should be making baby food but it will make too much noise as Sarah is just settling from some disturbance she had in her sleep. It seems to have been a bit of a busy week...and once again I 'hit the wall' with tiredness. Had a BC MB Camp Board Mtg. yesterday (which meant no nap) and was in and out of the BC MB Convention that was today. Exciting stuff we talked about in the camp workshop. Sarah camped out at Mom Abraham's while Andy hiked with a friend from Edmonton and a buddy from work. I need to quit that board. It doesn't mesh well with mommyhood. Today I got back and forth from Mom A's and Columbia Bible College on Dad A's bike - the seat is a tad high so I was glad the ride wasn't too far (5 min). It was a bit of a confusing day because I was supposed to be standing at the front when our board gave it's report and I was told the report was in the afternoon at some point. I had volunteered to serve coffee at a break so got there late morning and as I walk in I'm told the camp report is half over. I snuck up there in time for the introductions of us board members. It seems there have been quite a few misunderstandings in that board (in my opinion).
I know what's made the week busy...income taxes. I was in charge of it cause I know how to do it, so Andy took up the dishes and meals. So tonight I'm phoning it in and am tired and missed the part about donations and gifts…so I call again to start *all over again* and they are closed…crazy. It will be nice when that’s done.

I laid down for 2 hours at Mom A’s but couldn’t sleep.

Things I've been wanting to share about Sarah:
-She is not quite crawling but moves by squootching along the floor...our carpet is not that soft and her under-forearms are all red because of the abrasions.
-She can say my name now....ok, not really...but her vocabulary has seemed to increase and includes this one sound that sounds like 'mum' said really short and clear.
-Her bald spot is growing in.

I bought a magazine the other week...which I didn’t read much of. It’s a thick magazine called “Real Simple” (go figure). I always see it and out of any magazine think that’s one I might possibly be interested in…and the cover is always artful. Andy says I should use my ‘slush’money for stuff like slush – treats. So, I thought perhaps the magazine would be good…only $5…and the picture of me sitting down to read it looked appealing. But it’s basically only been trucked about the house…to the bathroom, under the futon, in front of the computer and looked at a bit. One thing that hit me was all the advertisements…and a lot for food that looks simply gross to me…simple this and that – put this with that and you have dinner. Mix this cheese thing with these packaged noodles, complete with a few token green or orange flecky-vegetable-wanna-bees and ta-da…dinner’s done. Yikes. And then there are the beauty advertisements. Some ads are interesting though…like smartly created. And then the articles – some of them just remind me of things that need cleaning and I don’t do – oven cleaning…ah. Ha…the main article is “3 step-cleaning guide: easy solutions for difficult tasks.” I’d like to see an article about how real people clean their houses…who actually prints schedules of when to wash windows etc (I know people do do it)? So, please write in for an article I’ll never write but would entitle… “Demand Cleaning…the relationship between life and real people clean their houses.” (something like that).
Now back to real life...shower and bed? Tomorrow baby food...and MEC Gear Swap.

Monday, April 25, 2005

bleah but better

Felt like Sarah was crying all day today. She was totally unpredictable. Frustrating. I am feeling much better. I get tired of saying I was tired but a couple times today I had to drag myself out of bed...the sun helps. Just got back from a short date with AA out to Booster Juice while Grma A took care of Sarah here at our house.

Can anyone direct me to instructions on how to put links (on a sidebar) on my blog? Thanks.

fun weekend...big weekend

Andy was away doing two hikes this weekend...Sarah and I were home...did house stuff on Sat. and went to church with my parents at the Meeting Place...which actually meets at our church - Central Heights. It was really nice - refreshing. Lots of space. Sarah could sit on the floor...we could move the chairs around. Brian West spoke and we did a listening exercise...about how we viewed the 'banner of over our lives or of our lives' and how God viewed it. People shared what they saw. It was really neat. I liked how Brian talked to the younger people in the audience...very conversational. It was almost as if he knew if he talked to them, he'd 'have' them...and everyone else would listen in (he'd have them as a by-product of addressing the younger folks). All the kids where present for the worship time, then there was a 'coffee' and snack break and the kids went to something special for them, and then Brian spoke.
Sun. evening Mom and Dad and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Klassen's and Sarah had her first swim. She seemed a little uncertain. Perhaps because the pool was a little cool. We were the first people in this season. I love swimming. Sarah, of course, looked so cute in her swim trunks and swim suit. I was also glad she had pooped just before we got there. It would be yucky if it happened in the pool. Her poops are made of stuff that one could play very nasty practical jokes with. :) That thought made me think of the time when we found a 'stink bomb' in our neighbor's treehouse. At least we thought it was that I think about it maybe it was just a drink-gone-bad left there...but we were sure the rascly neighbor boys had left it there for us to discover.
See a picture of Sarah and Andy at G'ma K's pool here...

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I shall remember the deeds of the LORD;

Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.
I will meditate on all Your work
And muse on Your deeds.
Your way, O God, is holy;
What god is great like our God?
You are the God who works wonders;
You have made known Your strength among the peoples.
You have by Your power redeemed Your people,
The sons of Jacob and Joseph. Selah.

Psalm 77:11-15 NASB

Friday, April 22, 2005

another expression.

little Sarah in same sundress yesterday (photo by Kathy Klassen).

little Cara.

back at it

We were climbing yesterday...kinda of. Andy wanted to try out a new belay device he got (Petzl Reverso) so we did a bit of climbing in the tree out front.

It was really fun...and there is a great view from the top...could see the setting sun. We laid out a big blanket for Sarah and plopped her down with her stuffed penguin standing guard. It's good she can't move to fast yet. Actually just as I got up to Andy at the anchor near the top of the tree she started ‘crawling’ off the blanket. Then she watched me ‘fly through the air’ as Andy lowered me down.

Didn't say this before but Sarah has gone poop in the toliet twice! I haven't read anything about it (instructions/philosophy etc.) but could tell she was pooping or about to so we'd rush off to the bathroom and I'd hold her with her legs over one arm and she went. Yeah for not having to clean the crappie nappie :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

new view

Good morning. Today I am typing in the living room while sitting on our hearth, in front of our fireplace, with bright sun outside. This week is very summer-like weather wise. Andy moved our computer out here a couple nights ago so we could watch a movie without having to turn the volume way down (cause Sarah would be sleeping just through the door we are a foot away from).
Sarah’s been going to bed earlier – 8:30 pmish – which provides Andy and I some time to hang out before our bedtime. That’s nice. So, the other night when we wanted to watch a movie, he said he could move the computer and I said, ‘how bought I just go borrow a TV and DVD player from upstairs.’ So we did that, but part way through the movie the DVD freezes-kinda and is going ultra slow. Uh. We try a few things, then I return the movie playing set-up and AA moves our computer to the living room. The DVD freezes again, but after retrying it, it finally worked. Yeah. The movie was a Walt Disney movie called the “The Straight Story” about a fellow who drives his lawn mover a very long distance to visit someone – based on a true story. Very slow moving, lots of great scenery, good thoughts/messages. The main character is Richard Farnsworth – who plays Anne of Green Gables’ dad. Thanks Mom A for lending us this one.
My Mom has been doing some gardening out back and this morning Sarah and I took a ‘morning garden tour.’ It’s cool to see her lunge for flowers. It was fun pushing her under the low apple tree too…kinda like a fort/canopy (kinda).
Sarah’s been up a little bit at night again. Crying for about an hour…I go in after 15 min. and reassure her. The first time it was 1 hr. 10 min. and when we decided I’d go in and feed her, she’s just fallen asleep…Then yesterday and a few nights ago, after an hour I’d feed her. But she’s usually sleeping 7 to 9 hours in a row. Yeah.
Vacuumed yesterday – about time – and swept our ‘porch.’ Andy said, “We don’t have a porch.” But I like calling our entryway that anyway. We are growing some herbs outside our door…cool. My sister grew things outside this door when she lived here. Speaking of that…Aimee and Lance (sis and bro-in-law) will be living upstairs for part of the summer…starting in May sometime!
Andy is busier with the garden now and will be stopping by his parent’s place to water etc. most days (every?) after work. I hope to meet him there with Sarah sometimes. I already have my route planned out. Still hoping for a jogging stroller so I can run there.
Random Sarah things:
It really seems her hair is strawberry blonde…has red highlights.
She can really move around…pushes herself forward…and a few times has been on her hands and knees.
Her second tooth is half as tall as her first and they don’t look like they are coming in too symmetrically.
Hey, I never mentioned last Wed. I went to a “Dance Blast’ aerobics class at the Abbotsford Rec. Centre. I let my other club membership expire cause there was too much pressure with having to go there a certain number of times a week for it to be worth the cost in my eyes. This class was so fun. Funny though, we were doing moves inspired by “Flashdance” and “Grease.” More hip shaking that one night than I’ve done in 5 years put together (smile). Tonight is hip hop.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

little bunchie... hopefully 'singing' (making sounds) herself to sleep currently...hopefully we can have ‘nap part 2’. She woke up unexpectedly. Andy biked to his parents house to do some garden stuff (sowing seeds!) and we were going to meet him there after our nap.
Went to that Kids Swap yesterday. My mom and I came away with some tupperware...a consultant was cleaning out her spare room for good deals.
Yesterday AA and I had a good discussion re: church stuff. I am feeling more and more so craving of light and color in the setting of our corporate worship. Along with this, it seems there are so many learning styles/expressions of worship that are not or under-utilized. I give my ideas…I am told we need people to make it happen…and need to pray those people into ‘existence.’ Lately, I rarely look forward to going to church, yet I feel a 'badness' about changing churches. Do I feel I’m ‘giving up?’…been ‘hanging in there’ for a long while now. I dream of a place where the various forms of expression to God (in addition to through music and the spoken word) are facilitated, guided, welcomed…where there is space and light, color.
I understand how people can say that they ‘are not being fed’ (and then subsequently change churches). I used to think that saying this showed an inward and perhaps selfish (?) focus. Perhaps it does at times, but I think I understand the deep truth behind this statement. Can being part of a church that doesn’t utilize/facilitate your style of learning contribute to soul stagnation? Is part of the reason there are so many different churches to reach people of different learning styles/expressions?...but why am I not familiar with churches in our area who branch out much further than music and sermons? Well, there are *some* thoughts about that.
She's not sleeping...let's go join Andy in the colorful (green and brown :) garden, breathe deep the fresh air and feel the warm sun…and there we will worship too.

Friday, April 15, 2005

dinner and nightime

Made dinner last night. I was all proud of myself...used leftovers and made some curry rice thing with bok choy on the side. I took an afternoon 1 hr. lay down - didn't sleep - so I had energy. Usually I'm beat by 4 pm. Last night Sarah cried again...see comment from "sweet liberation?" We're trying to 'up' Sarah's bedtime. Last night it was 8:50 pm. But what will happen?...will I get less sleep because I will stay up with AA till 10 pm? We'll see...but at least our day will start earlier.
Made carrots for Sarah today. Still need to strain and ice-cube them.
Went to the 'breastfeeding club' (support group, I call it the 'club') on Wed. Much smaller group which was nice...not so crazy with so many kids.
Went on a really nice walk yesterday morning with mom Abrahams. It was windy and rained on us a bit and I loved the wavey lake.
Looking forward to Sat...planning on going to a Kids Swapmeet...maybe there will be a sweet deal on a jogging stroller.
Andy brought our tomato and other plants to the greenhouse at his dad's yesterday, so now we don't have the grow light on in the living room any when I sleep in it is actually dark.
Not much else to say. Got a call from a health nurse who I had talked to briefly when Sarah had her shots...I was curious about postpartum depression. She put some resources on hold for me so I can check them out. I don't know enough about it to know if I'm experiencing that or just the effects of not enough sleep.
On that to strain carrots and take a nap.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who likes her bath?


"O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness,
That we may sing for joy and be glad all our days." Psalm 90:14 NASB
A verse for today when a mountain of dishes faces me, and much more than I hope to 'accomplish.' Being satisfied when I can't keep up...a daily challenge. I'm frustrated that I'm still so tired too. Help my focus God.

Monday, April 11, 2005

sweet liberation?

Hi. Fri. morn I went to the doctor because of this tenderness (to the touch) on my head...just a type of headache. I wanted to ask him about the long-term effects of sleep deprivation as well. He said you go insane, can't really function and on and on. I started crying because I had experienced everything he was talking about...He asked if I was not sleeping because of Sarah...talked about her sleeping habits and he said it is time to get her to sleep through the night...should take three days. She physiologically can sleep 12 hours. We thought we'd try with cutting out one feeding in that 12 hour period.
We moved our bedroom. Andy and I now sleep on the futon in the living room....kinda feels like a hotel. It is nice not to hear Sarah breathe. My doc says I don't need to be a baby monitor.
Here are the results:
Fri. night she cried for exactly 15 min. She really got going...screaming like and stuff. Barry (my doc) said not to go in to reassure her until 15 min. had past so it was kinda cool how she stopped right at that mark.
Sat. night: Andy was out of town and it was just me and Sarah. She cried about 20 min. but never got to the screaming stage.
Sun. night: She cried and I lost track of how long becuase I fell back asleep. She was in bed 12 HOURS last night. Wow. Then, this afternoon had a 3 hr. nap.
I didn't sleep great cause I thought she would be up any around 4 or 6 am.
Anyway, I am so hopeful that I will start to have more energy because of these new sleep possibilities. I noticed I kinda missed Sarah - her spending so much time in bed the last little while. Interesting. Now I need to learn to sleep at night.
Currently it sounds like she is squirming in her bed.
I'm going to get ready to sleep. Made a b-day supper for AA today. Vegan perogies (he liked them better than the real cheese ones I bought for him) and beets, brocolli, carrots, tomatoes and rhubarb pie (r. from backyard). Pretty beat by the end of it all...but got a second wind to play with Sarah later.
Sarah likes millet cereal...homemade.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


This post has been in draft mode for awhile but I'll release it now....It's from Mon.
Hi. I'm back...probably. Have you seen the movie "The Incredibles"? Well, there is this scene of Bob, the main superhero character running through a corridor in the enemy territory. He is being pelted by these black round things that stick to him and kind of inflate when they contact him. He keeps running, but finally can't go on as he's weighed down. That's what I felt like after last weekend. I had gotten seriously sleep deprived and what followed was insane brain and thoughts that were not true. I felt overwhelmed. Andy offered to do all the dishes to help me get caught up on sleep. This is seriously the short some of you know.
From today: Things got much better...thank you God and many people who prayed for me.
We think Sarah is going through a growth spurt (?). I was up(or awake laying in bed wondering what her problem :) is) for a part of every hour last night.
Here's a bit of what's been going on point-form.
-I was a hair-model for a cutting class at a local salon on Sun. Had a 2 hr. haircut. They texturized (think layers) my hair - took off a lot. It feels way lighter now. I like it, pretty much.
-Sarah is getting the hang of includes avocados, sweet potatoes, rice cereal and bananas.
-Sun. evening we went to hear CBC's choir concert at Bakerview church. That was nice.
It's raining. Tried to go to the pool last night but it was closed.
-Thinking of if Andy and I and Sarah will go to Gardom Lake Bible camp for a meeting I have on Sat. We'd have to catch a ride in a 15 passenger van if we want to go (or pay for gas ourselves). Hhmm.
-Sarah is not used to the time-change we figure, cause she is still wanting to go to bed at last week's 9 pm. So, I was reading to her to kill time and then turned her around and lifted her up to look at her face to see if she was tired. Right at that point she pukes on me...thick stuff. Some went up my my hair...down my shirt...huge glob on my face. I yelped and called for Andy who held Sarah as I cleaned up. I laughed very hard too.
-Denise and Joshua came over yesterday morning. One fun thing was when Joshua held the handle to a dresser drawer and start bending his knees and kinda shaking his bum...all smily and excited. Cute. We asked him if it was the 'dancing handle.' I liked to see how he entertained himself at our creative.
-Andy's b-day on Sun. Not feeling I have much energy to do much special but we'll see. Maybe I'll buy some perogies...he likes those...shhh. I'm counting on him not reading this :)
Peace and hope to you. Like my friend Amy says, "It isn't always easy."