Friday, March 31, 2006

today's yummy bean dip invention

Black Chilli Bean Dip (all measurings approximates)
2 c. black beans
1 TBSP. each dijon mustard / chilli pwder.
1/8 c. Udo's oil
1/2 c. president's choice organic tomatoes (canned)
1 clove garlic
process in food processer till smooth

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aquarium Day

Took a quick run out for this shot along the seawall...needed a breather. Westcoast Mama Mae (Esme that is, my middle name).

Snuggly while waiting for Dolphin show...naptime's a comin'.


On Daddy's shoulders for the Beluga show...where is mom? Watching the many people there that day.

hangin' at our second home - Trethewey House (a heritage museum place close to us.)

rainbow the other week

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

things are going...

...well. 2/3s of the way packed. Tendonitus still bleh, have some exercies I need to make time for. Lots of getting together with people has been happening. Sarah got a cold from the nursery (nasty nursery was the other title option of this post) at church...up every hour or two last night till I gave her dimatapp at 3:30 am, then slept till 8:15 am.
Carol, the director of camp, came by yesterday eve and Andy signed the job contract. They seem organized, that's nice.
Learned more about our house - wood stove and electric heat, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a loftish type place with a balcony. We get the upper to floors and the bottom is used for staff housing in summer. Needs paint (they've bought neutral colors and if we want different colors we pay for that), porch will be repaired soon. Lots of deer and birds at camp.
Fundraising dinner in Whiterock April 11 we'll be at. We're getting a table together - let me know if you're interested in coming, I'll tell you more details...RSVP by April 1.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

a dream is born

The dream of our family doing full-time camp ministry that is! Unexpected turn of events, but we got a job at Camp Tulahead in Princeton (Andy as the caretaker, maintenance guy). They ended up calling us back, as the first set of people they interviewed didn't work out. We had an interview last Fri. night and on Sun. got a call offering us the job. They were looking for the 'best fit' in terms of a couple to work there and I guess we were that. We are thrilled. It's been a rollar coaster ride, coming to this point. It is a 2 year commitment we've made. Andy gave his 2 weeks notice at work yesterday and we'll be moving April 1st! My tendonitus is acting up again...yesterday was frustrating...putting Sarah to bed...up and down out of the playpen...ouch, she got to bed only at 10 pm...kept wanting to go to the toliet, but produced nothing. "She's playing you," Andy said.
So, we've got boxes here already and I should stop typing to save some energy for daily life. Any local people who want to help pack and clean...I wouldn't refuse you.
One thing I get excited about re: our new location: seeing the stars. Seems like it's been so long since I've seen a totally dark sky.
We'll be the only people on site other than the director and her parents, who are in their 80s, so it will be very remote. Town is 20 min. away and they only have dial-up internet...hmm. I'm still smiling. We are ready for this grand adventure. Thanks for your prayers during this packing up time and for your rejoicing with us. Thank you God. I remember praying in bed a few weeks ago with longing, "God, would you bring us to a camp this year?" You have God - THANK YOU.

So, yah, starting to pack of course and things seem a little 'crazy.' I'd appreciate prayers for my mental and physical health...harder to sleep with tons of stuff on my mind.

Sat. went to the aquarium in Van! Nice time. Andy took some buddies from work climbing on Sun.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Can you see me visiting in the middle? Meeting people from MCCs (Mennonite Central Commitee) International Visitor Exchange Program.

cross and color.

Langley Mennonite Fellowship...were we were to hear Greg Rollins of CPT. I liked the pics in back and 'arrangements' up front...cross for lent etc.

Listening and looking.

Also last Sat. Picnic in the car...listening to a woodpecker.

Love out to Grma Abrahams in Scotland.

This is the day we set up a 'cave' and a field etc. with towels drapped over things.

Sarah doing excersies like mommy...this must be the neck roll ?

bits from lately

hi. It's been awhile I know and I kept thinking of stuff to say and now most of it's gone so we'll see if anything comes while I type. Sarah's developed a different type of cold cough thing so nights have been rough again...the worst a couple of nights ago ...longest stretch up between 2:45 am - 5:10 I weird that I 'time' it?
Still been enjoying making bread with the machine (the dough) and baking it in the oven.
Here, maybe I'll try to remember a bit from each day.
Sun. stellar sun day...but cold. Up at 8:13 am - at church at 8:35 am - out for a drive to see our pony, goats and geese friends in Arnold...then Pita Pit for lunch.
Mon. can't remember. Abrahams parents leave for Scotland to see Cherie!!
Tues. Care group potluck at the Englers. Nice to see everyone. Mom K gave us spinach she was having trouble finishing so I got to use it to make a salad with brocolli, raisins, sunflower seeds and some papaya poppyseed dressing AA gave me for Cmas.
Wed. tired crazy day. Walked with Jody Nesbitt and her kids at lake. Joseph kept asking why the school bus was in the water. They were setting up for filming a promotional commercial for the military where the military was rescuing people off a roof of a flooded house. Didn't go to Dance or African Children's Choir as planned, but laid low in the evening.
Thurs. Design team cancelled. Mom came and spelled me off for a nap. Walked with her and Sarah at Mill Lake....saw (and heard all day) the military helicopters, fog machine etc.
Fri. Mill Lake again...yeah, with cousin Erin, her 2 boys, aunt Laurie (and her cousin) and cousin Roxy. Nice. Thanks guys!
Hearing the fellow speak last Sat. about his time in Iraq with Christian Peacemaker Teams was good too...I also enjoyed the church building and the way they decorated it.
People who ordered Usborne books from my party. I'll be delivering them to you next week, just to let you know.
Arm says stop typing, so here are some pics.

Friday, March 10, 2006

sneaky trick

Often it's cold when I go back to bed in the morning after Andy leaves for I make some hot waterbottles (lexan nalgenes filled with super hot tap-water). The sneaky trick part of this is that when I climb back in bed for my nap, the waterbottles are still warm and have left the blankets and mattress warm too. nice.
Got that run in yesterday...had been awhile. It was perspective changing which was really good. Andy and I had a 'free' date last night. We 'sent' Sarah upstairs, watched a movie and enjoyed fresh homemade (co-op made by us) rhubarb apple crumble. Thought I should clear out the bit of rhubarb from the freezer since the stuff in the backyard is starting to 'arise.'
Went to visit my grma today with my mom in the hospital, with Sarah too. So good to see Grma, Grpa too. A few things she said, about being moved so much and feeling like a 'cast off' made me think that it'd be good if the hospital had a human relations person that just went around asking how people's stays at the hospital were for the purpose of trying to improve in any way they could people's experiences. A lot you probably couldn't change, but at least the people there would know they are listened to and the employees/hospital wants to do the best they can to make it a pleasant experience.
Reading from this morn. that I was encouraged by...highlighted parts are what struck me.
1 Peter 1:3-5 New Living Translation
All honor to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for it is by his boundless mercy that God has given us the privilege of being born again. Now we live with a wonderful expectation because Jesus Christ rose again from the dead. For God has reserved a priceless inheritance for his children. It is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay. And God, in his mighty power, will protect you until you receive this salvation, because you are trusting him. It will be revealed on the last day for all to see. So be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead, even though it is necessary for you to endure many trials for a while."

Thursday, March 09, 2006

An evening about Iraq

Local people, check out this 'event.' Andy and I are hoping to go.

Greg Rollins, a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) will be speaking about his experiences in Iraq on Saturday, March 11 7pm at Langley Mennonite Fellowship (20997-40th ave.) Greg is a colleague of the four CPT volunteers who are currently being held hostage in Iraq and will be returning to Iraq at the end of this month. Greg will share about the vision and work of CPT and specifically share stories about his work in Iraq.

For more information please call 604.530.0333 or email

adventures of late

hopefully this is a quick post before a much needed nap...Here are some adventures we've been having of late...
We applied for a job at Camp Tulahead in Princeton (Andy as maintenance person). They ended up (not stated in original job description) wanting/needing a wife who could work part-time too and so they didn't even interview us. This was a long waiting time for us as we entertained/heard of the position mid-Dec. Been processing this the last 2 weeks.

Lots of baking...since last Fri...fig-oatmeal muffins, choc. chip muffins, scottish oat scones, chocolate cake (a real one with layers and a message on top...Sarah helped pour and mix and decorate), braided bread (fun fun...machine makes the dough, I braid).

watching ducks at boardwalk

Had the Englers over Sun. night. Met them in the park and they came over. Andy out for a movie with his Dad so it was Sarah and I and their family. Fun.

Sarah and I getting over a cold.

My Grandma (Mom's mom) has broken her pelvis, 2 ribs and collarbone...last Sat. from a fall. Updates on my mom's blog. Prayer for a renewed spirit is on my heart today.

Care group on Tues. Opening question was 'what would you do with 3 hours of freetime?' Over half the group would sleep. I said I'd sleep and if I had energy go swimming...haven't done that in months. What would you do? Please comment.

Sarah is learning to play 'pretend'. She also has been signing more for 'toliet' and then goes when she gets on it. Yeah! About to dip into 'Diaper Free' about Natural Infant Hygiene...big old book...i'll prob. have to skim parts.

Mopped today and vaccummed. Design team mtg this morn. Will prob. help with picking fabric colors for some ideas we have for the visual set up of the stage for Easter.

Want to be out in the sun that is playing peekaboo with the clouds and go for a run, but my body says sleep and my babe says 'stick around' cause she's sleeping and you just don't leave the house when you're the one in charge. :)

Tendonitus here again a bit...Felt a little 'down' last few days...more sleep will help. Sarah sleeping through night again...she took a break from that during the worst part of her cold.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


...came back from starting a load of diapers. Was thinking how when I 'deal with the diapers' when Sarah is not around I can make all the funny faces I want, accompanied by holding my breath. When reading about starting her on solids 'Super Baby Food' mentioned that the poops change after they start solid foods (no kidding) and how it's good not to react to your child's feces with shock and awe and 'eeewww, gross' etc. because they may get the message that their private areas are gross and yuck etc. One is to 'take it all in stride' and just talk about how 'I am cleaning you up (or your poop up) to make your bum feel better' etc. So, that is the approach we've taken. BUT when I'm rinsing diapers in the toliet or dumping the pail with poopy diapers into the washing machine I can 'freak out' all I want. I usually just scrunch up my face and hold my breath...which brings me to another poop story.
Tues. Andy was hosting the men's bible study at our house. Sarah was in her pajamas and we were winding down for the night and she's wandering around her room...picks something up. It looks like a piece of leftover pancake. She puts it to her mouth. I say, 'What is that Sarah?' and take it from her. I now have in my hand a turd, a piece of poop, which has somehow been unaccounted for. I did freak out a little and say, 'Oh, uh, ew, it's poop...this is not to eat Sarah....uh,'s ok.' because at this point she is freaking a little. Wash the mouth, wash the mouth...we go to the bathroom. How do you wash her mouth? Well, we brushed teeth. I think she just put it up to her lips only. I was tempted to interupt the Bible study to confer with Andy but I didn't and later he thanked me for that. Ha. Anyway, got any good stories lately?
Two more highlights of late:
-walking on the boardwalk looking at ducks...Sarah out walking too. The ducks come and say hi even though we have no food...they think we might I guess.
-playing make-believe with animals. Made mountains (towel covered pillows), lakes, a cave. Pictures another day of that ok? Ok.
Time to clip my nails and take a rest.

new stuff

A lot's been going on with us lately and I'll get to sharing about that (or some of it) at some point. Just wanted to say hello...good talking with Andy during a tea date last night...we needed that. Had a Usborne book party Mon., Men's bible study here Tues. Now I'm feeling a little sore-throatish...Sarah has a cold. We are richly blessed --thankful specifically about material things and family currently.

Go Grandad Go! Sarah is holding a seashell. Photo Judy Abrahams, I believe.

At Abrahams for Grandad's b-day. She LOVED the vegan lasagna Grandma made us. Photo Judy Abrahams, I think.