Wednesday, November 29, 2006


A quick something. Lots going on it seems. A while back we went to Ucluelet for anniversary - 3 nights - nice. It's snowing lots here (1.5 feet in last 2 days maybe) and Andy is plowing and snow blowing. I'm involved with a small group doing some carols at a town event Fri. and we practiced (me singing, clarinet and guitar some) at our place yesterday. Took a quilting class this past week. Also a ladies night at our church - that was really enjoyable. Very Christmas themed, silent auction (to raise money for postage to send a gift to missionaries in Poland etc.), 2 ladies gave testimonies and 2 sang original songs of theirs. Been cross country skiing twice. Sarah a bit shy of the tobagan since we went down a hill 'too fast' one day. Got a different more kid-like molded sled our for her yest. while we looked for a Christmas tree, which will be small and maybe a pine tree, Andy pulled both of us at one point.

Now I'm typing and it's Tues. Yest. was a full day - too many full days lately. We went to the Howarths where I had a music practice with a couple fellows. we are doing some carols at the town 'light-up' Friday...and maybe some other places, but I may have to back out of some's been a big time commitment thus far. And figuring out clarinet parts takes a while. Then we had dinner there. Fun with 3 boys ages 9, 12 and 15 or something like that...goofing around at the table. Then to Bible study. I brought the snack a blueberry/rasp. cobbler and then home. So, Sarah and I both missed our naps and today has been good to stay home. I got a ski in again when Andy came in for lunch. It's minus 22 or so today, and the only cold thing was my hands.

Read some encouraging things in "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler". Here is one excerpt, "Most of us become quite childlike ourselves when we go to sleep, so it often feels as if we are being asked to care for a little person at a time when we are not so big ourselves. Then all too often we carry an irrational resentment of the night's interrupted sleep into the day. Sometimes the mother has big plans for the next day and is, of course, disappointed to be dragging because of lost sleep. Most days, however, mothers merely need to slow down their pace to cope with being sleepy. Sleepiness is one of life's many normal conditions that we can cope with very well if we don't fight it or push ourselves beyond what sleepy people can do." (from p.153, 'Getting Enough Rest' chapter) Yah, another encouraging part was about how preschoolers need less sleep than we may think and some don't get tired till 'late' and it's best to incorporate them into your daily life (evening) and just 'go with' whenever they fall asleep...the fabeld (not for some I know) 8 o'clock bedtime doesn't happen for many families...surely not us. Sarah's been a 10pm girl for months now. This had me being frustrated and wondering 'WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG?' with bedtimes taking an hour and a half etc. So, I am very thankful for this book right now...especially when I don't talk to too many people lately about their kids etc.
Yah, I have an UNDYING optimism that can let me think things will go better than they will (shorter bedtimes) and me getting involved in things (oh, I'll have enough energy etc. with skipping naps etc.). But hey, I did say no to singing in the choir at church this Cmas. Yeah. Oh, deep breath, learning everyday, some lessons over and over eh. Thanks God for caring and carrying this Mama.
Did I say I took a quilting class last week too? I have the top (not borders though) all sewn together. Some of our pipes froze today. There was a breaker in the basement that wasn't on..they are thawed now and happy.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gourmet Meals Make Gourmet Messes

Our RAINY weekend served up some lovely meals and baking. We made: Maple Glazed Parsnips (with crused walnuts), shredded beet salad (featuring carrots and green peppers too), homemade mushroom soup, stuffed squash (2 fillings were made - one with peppery steak, mushrooms, onions and brown rice and another with chickpeas instead of steak), Saskatoon bran scones, whole wheat flax bread with a touch of rye, and apple-rhubarb crisp. Andy made another huge batch of applesauce with the Victorio Food Strainer and also processed a huge pumpkin we were given. Sarah and I went on a small hike around our house on Sat. We hadn't been on the trails since early Sept. cause of bears, but I think they are all hibernating by now :)
Sarah has been getting to bed at around 10pm lately, as bedtimes have been taking usually well over an hour.
Church was nice. Went grocery shopping after and got some chips and bagels and tomatoes to go with the bean dip I'd packed. Did a little detour on the way home to check on the mushroom situation - they are all done growing...and are actually 'melting' now.
This was typed out on Sun. and Mon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here are some fleece pants I recently sewed for Sarah out of a baby blanket (thanks Harnetts, I think it was). The black patch was some extra fleece from another project I needed to use, cause I didn't have enough fabric. I sewed the pants without a pattern, so they are kinda rough but they work and keep her warm. I cut apart an old smaller pair of pants that were in our givaway pile to get the idea of how to assemble pants. The pink hoodie with the duck square is strategically positioned over a GAP insignia - we aren't too much into advertising, and the sweater is really cozy.

Isabelle gets some milk too.

Isabelle got decorated by Sarah one day. Ants on her head (even on her eyes), and ladybugs on her tummy.

This was before the snow. Teddy (from Great-Grandparents, Wellunschegs) got a ride in a bark boat.

Asked for...a pic of my haircut. And look, the garage got more roof on it. We had some guys from Summerland out a week or so ago to help with that.

We built 3 snowman. The one in the middle is the big baby we decided. The daddy snowman has a leaf hat.

The docks partially disassembled. Those guys got cold hands.

Today...snow day...snowing in the morning. We have a group up from Okanagan Teen Challenge to help bring the docks and boats in. They worked very hard. Andy did too. He drove the tractor. Look at the snow on his head.

We try to get some sun everyday still.

Sarah had a good time walking with the stroller and pushing it down the hill.

And some for me.

Here, some peanut butter pancake for you, Grandma Kathy Doll.

We had picnic inside yesterday...It was kind of a Grandma Kathy doll day as you'll see.