Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sarah's post

Sarah wanted to do a blog post so here one sound on the movies as these were just uploaded today from our old camera.
Picture of cat upstairs.
Sarah has a bucket on her head and she's talking with it on. She's making funny faces it looks like.
This is Sarah crazy dancing. This is really fun to watch because she is crazy dancing in the living room. Nobodies taking the movie. The counter is holding the camera.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

some thoughts

A year ago today Andy was let go of his job at Tulahead. We were brought flowers - 12 magnificent Gerber daisies - from a friend, today, in honor of that date and with wishes on the card that read "to new beginnings, rich relationships and rewarding work". This caused me to think and thank God for how he has led and cared for us this year. There is many 'unknowns' ahead as we launch our market garden, but we can attest to God's provision. Thank you God for good friends and a supportive church too, that we belong to.

I could go on, but Jacob's been waking quite a bit during the night (3 times last night), so I must prepare for night.Just wanted to say that little bit.And this - Sarah's been having a blast playing for hours in the backyard with the kids upstairs.

The pic is from Jan. 7, 2010. :)