Tuesday, May 31, 2005

our little young lady...

...is changing so much lately. On Sat. her top two teeth broke through the gums. Wow, do they ever look huge. This development may have explained what we thought was a habit forming to wake up again and feed in the middle of the night. Now she just needs some comforting in the middle of the night and then she's back to sleep. Yeah.
Got caught up with the dishes yesterday....finally. Haven't seen this one counter of ours for probably 2 months.
Was reading about someone who said she was independantly wealthy. That phrase rambled around in my head and I thought, "I'm dependantly wealthy (not always physically measured), because God is my Father." Yeah.
That's all for now. It's raining which is nice.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

new skills

Sarah's new skills include:
(just today I noticed) getting up to a sitting position from a laying down position. I come to her bed cause she is crying and there she is...sitting up. Wonder of wonders. :)
(Andy discovered) pulling herself up (hanging onto our window seat) to a standing position.

She has also developed the cutest scrunchie faced smile that Cherie describes perfectly on her blog and I quote, "She likes to show off her top gums where teeth are not yet appearing. So she will lift her face high squish her eyes close and smile super big!" My mom thinks that she's getting my smile. I smile super big and my top gums show when I smile too.
We had quite the laugh-fest after I finished feeding her solids at the Abraham's the other day. She'd give her new smile, sitting there in the highchair all messy-faced, and we would laugh so hard and then she'd do it again.

Wanted to share one highlight from the weekend. We always have a worship service together as a family on Sun. morn. It's really cool that all the families on my Dad's side (who's vacation weekend this was) are Christians and we can do this together. As one part of worship we each took a stick of plastiscene and made something that symbolizes what we are thankful for. Then we went around and people put them on the table in the middle as they explained what they had created. I believe God gave me this idea one night as I was laying in bed. It was really neat to see what people created...an unbroken circle (symbolizing our family), a banana (the 3 year old likes fruit), a bus (symbolizing we are all on the same 'bus' headed to heaven)...and on and on...there are over 30 of us. Erin, do you know the exact number?

Sarah was entirely unpredictable today. It felt like I was waiting all day for her to nap...She'd yawn and yawn, but no, not tired. So, we went for a walk around 3:45pm to do something I had planned and boy it was HOT. Andy said it was 30 today? Anyway, she got really hot I think. We took the bus home. I'm not huge on hot summers, that's why I totally grooved :) on the summer at Crowsnest last year, as we only had a bit of hot weather and there was plenty of shade at camp. Went to Pilates tonight. That was lovely. The lady leading it is very relaxed though...maybe it was the introductory night. I really enjoy this lady named Colleen (who's Pilates class I've also been to). She never stops talking the entire class because she instructing you on all the things to remember and encouraging and challenging you. I think Colleen is an award winning instructor actually.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

photos for you

Nice weekend. Here are some photos...wish the quality was better but I'm scanning actual photos here. Enjoy. Maybe more words later.
More detail and photos re:weekend at my mom's blog.

At the Skagit river on a little walk on our way home from Naramata.

Great-Grandma K and happy Sarah with family in the background (this last weekend).

At Chekamus Lake with Dad A (photo Mom A). This one's a little out of order.

On a walk just up from the resort...me and Aimee and Sarah (all covered up because of the wind).

Happy in our cottage on our vacation at Naramata, near Penticton.

She was sitting there pulling the blanket up around her. Big smilely girl.

Chillin' with Grpa K. Sarah just seems to relax in both Grandpa and Grandad's arms.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

At Brohm Lake a couple weeks ago...had a picnic with Mom and Dad A (photo Dad A).

Our latest family picture (photo Mom A).

On a cloudy day. Mill Lake (photo Mom A).

Nice day at the garden.

Look at the 'back-backs' Sarah. At Grma and Grandad A's house.

A beautiful picture of two beautiful people in my life...Mom A and Cherie (photo Cherie).

Thursday, May 19, 2005

fresh day and Christmas

Nice rainy-off-and-on-day today. Got a walk in with Mom A. before it rained. We went in the Ravine park (beautiful in there) and to a kids consignment store. The jogging stroller works great on the trails. With our other stroller it would take 'forever' to get through there and it would be very bumpy for Sarah. New possibilities we have now.
Felt like Christmas today because Aimee and Lance came to the front door with a gift. It wasn't wrapped...Aimee was hiding it behind her skirt. They gave me a guitar stand! It was so cool. I had put an ad out at our church for a couple of things and Lance happened to read it and they bought me a stand. This will help me play more...in fact I played today already...a song I wrote last summer - took a bit to recapture those elusive chords that escape my memory.
Sarah's had a bit of a cold so isn't eating many solids the last few days. She looks kinda cute and a little doopy with her mouth hanging open to breathe through it. Today we were reading a book and she liked it so much she was grabbing it to 'eat' it. I held it in place, but then her grip won out and it bounced off her nose. She got a paper cut on her nose...from a cardboard book. I tinsy bit of blood there now...a scab. Last night the 'nightime train' (putting Sarah to bed) took 2 hrs...tonight only 1 hr.
Andy was away from the house about 13 hrs. yesterday...still has gardening to do every evening after his course. I think Sarah misses him sometimes. Pure speculation, but in the evening it's like she is looking around saying, "Where is that guy?"
Yeah for tomorrow being the last day of it and then we are off to an annual vacation with my Dad's side of the family!
Oh, yesterday had a good walk with my cousin Erin and her 2 boys...in the rain. A bit of playing in the house too. At one point I was playing with Austin (was a year in Feb) and Sarah and Nic (was 3 yrs. in Feb) was watching us. I was finding out what kind of noises our noses made when we touched them (I'd make up a sound)...and at one point Austin laughed. I saw Nic just look over at him and smile. It was neat to see how he enjoyed seeing his brother have fun.
MMmmm, these are good vegetables I'm eating...haven't had any all day. They make me feel fresh. Well, I still have a bunch to do to get ready for this get-a-way.

By the tree out front in the evening sun.

Mother's Day 2005.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


This may be a simple question, but I'm asking it anyway...does anyone have any information on how singing became the main expression of worship in the church rather than other forms of expression - writing, moving, sculpting, prayer...Perhaps because it is something most can do and we can do it together?

Monday, May 16, 2005


We got out together this weekend...Started on Fri. Andy had the day off, so we took a bit of time to go climbing at the bluff at Hatzic Prairie. Yeah! That was fun. Have not been climbing in over a year. We took my mom to take care of Sarah. She had fun too - my mom and Sarah too. We climbed the best climb (in my range) 3 times in a row and then left. It's a small climbing area - not many options unless you are super good. Some of the tougher climbs there we've tried and it will take a while for me to get up to that level again...but boy was it fun climbing.
Sat. we drove with Mom and Dad A, in seperate cars, to Whistler and hiked to Cheakamus Lake. Andy carried Sarah and she took a nap on his back. It was Andy's first time using the Ergo Carrier. It worked pretty good for him. The walk was nice and it didn't rain on us (well, just a tinsy bit at the end but we had umbrellas), which was also a plus. Dad and Mom A knew the names of what seemd like most of the plants and flowers on the hike. The roughest part about that hike was the pot-hole filled 7 km road to get to the trailhead. I started that road a little car-sick cause I had just previously been in the back seat feeding Sarah solid foods. After the hike we went to the spaghetti factory for dinner. No place to change Sarah in the bathroom (and I didn't want to put her on the floor), so I changed here on one of those dolly luggage carriers they have at hotels. There were some in the hallway leading to the restaurant.
Andy's folk's headed home and we went to our accomodations - which were arranged through a friend of a friend who got a super deal through her work.
I loved the place. It's a lodge (built in 1966) built up on this hillside that overlooks Alta Lake way down below. It's totally tucked away and in the winter you have to walk down to it. There lots of rooms, each complete with bunkbeds, a chair, fold out desk, a lamp, some hangers - very simple. The caretaker (from Prague) showed us where our friends were staying (it was Keela and some of her friends) and said we'd probably want to stay with them, but we said we wanted a quiet spot...so he showed us a really secluded spot in the basement...another row of rooms. Andy and I were just able to fit the two bunkbed mattresses on the floor of our room and Sarah was in the next room in her playpen. Worked just great...and it was so quiet. Quieter than our house. No phone or fridge humming, footsteps. The kitchen to the place was 'super-equipted' with 6 or so islands complete with sinks, dishes, mugs, candleholders...there were 4 stoves, 5 full sized fridges. The main eating area had great big window with a view to the mountains - would have been incredible if it wasn't so socked in.
Sun. morning it was rainy so Andy changed his hike from a big one to a small one and I dropped him off and headed to church. Driving on that pot-holed road reminded me of the driving I did at camp last summer - fun. I didn't have time to go back to the lodge before church (which I thought I would), so I went straight to church. I hadn't brought anything for Sarah (nothing - no diapers, toys, extra change clothes) and I needed to change her (just pee, yeah:) So, I was wearing 2 shirts, and I had a wet cloth diaper and diaper cover from home, so I turned my under layer cotton shirt into a diaper...yup...I found an out-of-the-way corner of the church (community centre) and changed my shirt and gave Sarah a new dry bum-wrap.
The coolest part about church was that I was able to connect with a friend that I hadn't seen or talked to in years. I really appreciated her and how she really listened and I really felt I could be myself with her...it's not like that with me with many people. She is so genuine. The sermon (which I heard bits and pieces of) asked some good questions to - "do you like who you are becoming?" and "we must be willing to lose our percieved value," and "Are you living in the trap of what others think of you?"
Andy started a first aid course this week in Vancouver so is gone from the house for almost 12 hours. I'm doing more stuff at home (meals, lunches) and so far it's working pretty good.
Oh, we got a jogging stroller!...through the gear swap at MEC. It works good - tried it out today. I'm thankful for it.
Last night I had lots of energy still after I put Sarah to bed so I thought I'd go for a little bike ride...but I couldn't find my front light, so I ran around in the back yard...around the perimeter, then across and back again - covering all the grass...then that got boring, so some dancing. It was fun excerising in the moonlight.
Tired play time:
Oh, today Sarah got down to her nap a little late so it was hard to put her down...so at one point I took her out of her pack n' play to play some more in the living room. She is sitting there surrounded by her toys which are in a semi-circle about a foot and a half away from her. She looks over at her monkey and then to Mr. Penguin, then back to the monkey...reaches out to the monkey. It was as if she was contemplated who to go for. 'But they are all so far away.' She grabs her shirt - something right there - then looks at the monkey again...grabs the shirt again, loses her balance and falls right over backwards on banging her head. I was sure she'd cry because she was so tired, but no, it's no prob. She rolls over and finds a flower petal on the floor. She hasn't quite got the pincer grasp yet, but I'll need to vaccum more once she does. She points at things with her pointer finger though...like the hinges on our window seat. Yup, Sarah approved...those are good hinges Daddy, good job.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Things that have been happening lately…I will be kind of point formish here, as I’m off to a nap.

Mother’s Day Sunday. I wake up and go to pick up Sarah. As soon as I pick her up out comes some projectile vomit (milk) of what I estimate was about a cup of liquid. It got on the curtain in her room, the floor, and mattress. She hasn’t done that since she was newborn.

Andy made me a pancake breakfast and homemade applesauce. I had tahini, applesauce and pure organic maple syrup on my whole wheat pancakes (something I think would be perfect to serve in the café/tea-bake shop/restaurant I dream of operating one day…in a quaint town…build relationships with the yoga-vegan-ish crowd).

We tried to go out for brunch with Grma and family Abrahams, but all restaurants were full, so we ended up at Grma’s and ordered pizza in…that was enjoyable.

Sarah gave me a card her Daddy helped her make – with her handprint, and some squiggly writing cause she was helping hold the pen. The card of all crumpled up to as a result of her handing it to me – that’s my favorite card.

Aimee arrived. Yesterday Sarah had FOUR babysitters while I went for a run (boy was I sweaty…hadn’t done that in a while). Lance, Steven, Aimee and Mom. In the evening we had our Mother’s Day celebration at my Grandma’s. I hadn’t seen her since she was out of the hospital. We kept wanting to go over there but it’s been so busy and I’ve been trying to not get so completely unrested that it effects my emotional state…hard to explain all that to them…I feel like I’m giving excuses.

Anyway, this weekend we are going to Whistler…my friend Keela has connections to a very affordable place to stay. I hope to go to church there while Andy hikes. I haven’t been in a while.

Yesterday I fed Sarah her breakfast outside. That was nice. To be outside was nice too because she ate so much, breakfast took a long while to serve…my arm was getting sore.

It looks like we’ll get our jogging stroller this weekend, Lord willing (LW). I’m haggling via email with someone in Kamloops. We’ll meet in Vancouver, LW, to pick it up, Sat.

I’ve put some new links on the sidebar for stores I frequent (or have in the past) and the book we use as our baby food Bible. Kidalog is a good source for organic cotton diapers and tons of helpful items and educational toys. Be warned if you order from there though, they aren’t very good at telling you if something is on backorder…so call them if you don’t get what you ordered very quickly.

I am using my spending money to buy one CD a month. Anyone have good suggestions for my May CD? Girl singers? Folksy stuff? Worship albums – compilations? Perfect punk (just kidding…that’s a part of my past…and I’m not throwing out my MXPX albums J).

That’s it for now. Today I hope to go to the Pantry Natural Foods in Mission to see what they have for baby food…have to get some pre-made stuff for trips.

See ya folks.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Sarah Bara in the hub of activity in the doorway to the dining room of Grma and Grndad Abraham's house. The picture is backwards, some of you will notice. I don't feel like figuring out how to flip it.

Andy's been doing a lot of hiking lately. This is our friend Mark, who has gone on some of the hikes. I thought this was a good picture of him, so I'm including it here. Hi Mark!

some things that have been going on

Just stole a bowl of cereal from my mom upstairs (they aren’t home) cause I was tired of our food down here (thanks mom). J I love a good bowl of cereal with soymilk…yum. Cereal is a special treat for us. Diapers are on the line, chickpeas are cooking, Sarah sleeps, I’m getting geared up to attack the bathroom and hopefully relax a bit too.

Sunday report: We jetted off to Vancouver in pursuit of the MEC Gear Swap. We waited in line for the swap about an hour. No jogging stroller did we find, but we came away with a small backpack, and a wind jacket and fleece ‘onesie’ for Sarah (screaming deals). Sarah had a blast at the gear swap too. At first she was in the umbrella stroller and then I went back to the car to swap that for the Ergo Carrier. Once she was in there she could see everyone better and she was smiling and laughing and giddy-upping (flapping) her legs against my hips. She would give random people full out grins and smiles. She liked inside MEC too…lots to look at. We nursed in the map section as well, by a indoor potted tree thing. Speaking of MEC, it is a terrific place to go clothes shopping...highlights there I noticed - extensive line of organic cotton clothes and long board(ish) type shorts.

We checked out Sports Junkies beside the place too and almost got a stroller there… the hunt is still on. The weather really makes me eager to get out running.

Wed. night I went to that drop dance class again…Latin this time. Fun fun…not to tricky either. It energizes me. Mom Judy asked if I’m tired after and I said oh no, it actually makes me more energetic…I felt like going for a run afterward.

Thursday went for a picnic/walk with Tanya and her 2 boys and Jody and her boy and girl. That was really neat. I think I will/am learn a lot from these 2 moms of 2.

I think I may have become more relaxed…like with dishes laying around and such. As long as the table is cleared and there are enough pots, silverware to work with…this is good.

The wart on the bottom of my foot is not a wart…went to a dermatologist Wed. who told me this…it has bothered me for years (it’s like having a rock in your shoe) and he told me it is a corn…a type of callous which has developed because my second metatarsal bone actually hits the ground when I walk…it’s not supposed to. He recommened I go to this fellow in Vancouver (Phil at Lady Sport) who can help find a pair of shoes that should help this…possibly orthodetics.

Boy, that was detailed. I’ve really been enjoying Sarah lately. It is really precious when she falls asleep after nursing and I can just stare at her…and she is all relaxed (it seems 95% of the time we are together she is a ball of energy). I think I treasure these moments because I can just stare at her and I don’t feel like I have to entertain her.

Lance (my bro-in law) arrived a couple of days ago and my sister Aimee arrived today, Lord willing (haven’t seen her yet). They are staying here for part of the summer while Lance studies. It will be a full house. I think it’s really cool we are here this summer (as opposed to a camp) because there are so many people coming to Abbotsford for the summer (or part of it) – namely, the Harnetts, Thoutenhoofds, Odegards (my sis). Other cool things are the other people who were here all along – family and other friends, our garden (Abbotsford is the garden of Eden I think J), and city life (I like most aspects of it. Downsides are the amount of pavement and exhaust).

Speaking of the garden of Eden, does everyone in the Fraser Valley who is interested in getting berries etc. this summer have their “Farm Fresh Reference Guide?” It is a really comprehensive guide that tells you what farms in the area sell what and if they are organic etc. You can get one from the library and it’s available online here (I like hard-copies better sometimes).

Well, that may be all for now. Bye.

Thank you to Denise for the info on fixing my sidebar problem…I’ll tackle that one day.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

sidebar mix-up

Hmm...struggling a little to get these links where I want them. I'm leaving it for now...any more hints Denise?
I want to put them after the archieves on the left. I tried putting them under the blogger button...to no avail.
Anyway...more news later hopefully.
Breakfast time.