Friday, December 30, 2005

Woke up from my nap one day a few weeks ago to Andy telling me my friend Shannon was at the door. She'd called earlier and I was sleeping and then stopped by. We had a lovely visit. She lives and works in Calgary. It was so great to catch up with her.

hi after Cmas

Hello. Just posted a few photos to catch up. The next batch to go through has over 200 pics in it. Wozers. Went on a fun lights train ride with my folks and Andy and Sarah tonight. It was at Minter Country Gardens in Chilliwack. Had a nice supper at the Cafe there beforehand as well.
Andy has this week off so we've been enjoying that. Our computer just got fixed - it was seizing up real bad there for awhile. So, I look forward to sharing more pictures soon.
Cmas was good but almost everything I was expecting didn't happen, or it happened differently than I thought it would. A few examples:
Cmas Eve service at church was spectacular - not what I'd expected. A highlight for me was our Korean church's involvement with some songs and a dance put on by their youth to the song 'Joyful, Joyful, Lord we Adore Thee' featured on Sister Act - hip-hop dancing, very celebrative.
Not what I was expecting:
Our house was a mess over Cmas, dishes overflowing the counter, livingroom messy.
We were wrapping presents last minute before gatherings, using paper we'd just gotten the day before from other people :)
I didn't sleep during my nap on Cmas day - spent a lot of time in bed at my house and Andy's folk's not sleeping.
Expecting but didn't happen:
Homemade cookies to be served - made by Mom or Mom-in-law.
A walk on Cmas day with my family - Andy and Sarah. Well, I did go part way with A and S, but turned back early to try and rest. Then they returned shortly afterwards...Sarah crying for some reason.
With all these expectations and different things that happened, especially in my own home, like the messy house, it made me think...Cmas comes every year, whether you are ready or not. It happens upon you, in whatever state you're in...and I'm thinking the busy prep-laden side of it. Also, another thought -- Jesus came to a messy, unorganized and 'unprepared' world. Nice picture for me. I need a Savior that can handle that. Come rescue me where I my mess. God, please prepare me - my heart - for Jesus' indwelling, organize my inner self to make you Lord in my life.
Was reminded how I need my daily truth injections today. Had some time in Hebrews 7 learning about my perfect high priest - Jesus - who intercedes for me forever. Yeah.
Finally, today a quote from a senior, found the the Mennonite Brethern Herald. "Feed your soul as carefully as you feed your body."

Mikala had a blast playing with Sarah (and visa versa) always asking her, "What would you like to do, would you like to look at these _______?" Fun times. Hope I spelt your name right.

Grandad and Sarah at Al and Jan's.

Norm, Darrell and Andy at Jan's house. Norm and Jan are some of Darrell's (Andy's Dad) siblings. Cmas gathering mid-December. Nice time. This is the gathering we forgot about but still made it too.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

colds, shopping and upcoming birthday celebrations

Hi, lots been up lately. A few lovely Cmas family gatherings on Andy's side. One we actually forgot about and consequently got there very late, but still were able to visit with most people for several hours. Sarah has a cold...the first one that has actually plugged up her nose so that it interferes with nursing somewhat. Last night I went 'Cmas shopping' under the stairs in my parents house. That is where all our toys from our childhood are stored. It was quite a mess and I knew it would be a bit of a project, so I took a clock to give myself a time limit...didn't keep it, but we got some trucks and people, a baby carriage, and some of my old stuffed monkeys. Not that we have room for many more toys...I'm especially excited about the trucks and cars, as Sarah hasn't played with any yet.
We had a travelling Cmas home tour on my dad's side. See my mom's blog for more on that. We moved Sarah's dresser full of clothes into her room and it opens the living room up even more.
I had a meeting that was cancelled this morn. so I had a nap upstairs while Mom A. played with Sarah and did our dishes! Yeah. Thank you. I slept so good. Bedrooms really help me sleep.
Ya, this last weekend I hit the wall again with sleep. I feel mentally ill when I am sleep deprived. A few bad nights - one Sarah up for 2 hours - and I got sick after that for two days.
Upcoming b-day celebrations for Jesus are being looked forward to...we are finishing up our gifts still and hope to have a date tonight.
By now, most of you know my wonderful sister Aimee and her husband Lance are pregnant with Twins. It's taken awhile to sink in. I'm so excited for them. Healthy snack ideas from me Aimee: Oatmeal (yes, in the middle of the day...has a surprising amount of protein), almonds, pears with pb and dates (cut a hole in the pear, put in some pb and the date and you have a groundhog - from my childhood...maybe too sweet for you), that's all for now.
Arm still sore. Going to get our computer looked at...crashed many times last night while Andy was trying to watch a movie.
Merry Christmas friends...sorry I don't comment after many of you comment. I still love that you do. In hope because of Jesus.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sarah enjoying the boats etc. at the library playpen. The librarians say she is one of the few kids who actually like going in there.

Stopped at Wongs Veg. Market and this was the sunset we viewed from there. Oh, breathe deep, a good day (couple of hours) out in creation.

Sarah on the move. I like this one especially.

A train and beautious Mt. Baker.

Sunset time.

Here we were.

Saw a horse :)

It was such a beautiful day the other day and Sarah and I could borrow Mom's van, so we went down to the River. This is the Mission bridge...or whatever it's called. It was pretty cold that day though.

Made some nativity people so Sarah could play with them. She likes them. Mary has felt hair. Fabric from mom's leftovers and stuffing from a freecycle member. Yeah.

Went for a walk the other snowy night.

This is our wreath on the front door. Got the Peace bell thing from 10,000 Villages and Andy made the wreath.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow day a while back. More snowy pics coming.

Cousins visit

A couple weeks ago we had my cousin Erin, her husband Brian and their kids Nicholas and Austin (and baby #3 we'll meet in March) over for dinner. I'm finally getting the pictures up. Playing catch-up I am. The boys especially enjoyed Sarah's little house her Dad made out of her carseat box.

Friday, December 02, 2005

more pics from the recent past

A bunch of pics from the day Meredith and Jennifer and their kids and Sarah and I went to visit Grandma Lillian for lunch (Andy's grandma). Fun time. Grma was feeding Rowan (in orange) water with a spoon. He loves water and pouring it in and out of things. I know the one of us Moms is blurry, but it shows I was there :) Meredith's kid's are Gabriel (in grey) and Michael and Jennifer's are Carmyn and Rowan. The dark picture of Sarah and Great Grma Klassen is at our first family gathering (extended) of the year. Goodmorning face (from nap) is Sarah in pink shirt.