Wednesday, August 31, 2005

as hard as you can...heaven on earth.

Dance as hard as you can. That's what we were doing at the Abby Rec. Centre tonight. I had such a blast. Hadn't been for a while - had two family things two Wed's in a row. The phrase 'heaven on earth' went through my mind during the class because I was having so much fun. It seems whenever I show up they are doing some sort of latin based thing. Tonight I'd call it a crazy latin hip-hop fusion. The teacher, Mary, is so super energetic and good...there isn't a full 10 seconds that is wasted in the class. Again, danced for a full50 min. with some abs and stretch at the end.
Andy and I had a date planned for tonight so I biked to the rec centre. My back tire was a little flat and I actually was praying it wouldn't blow on the way down the steep hill I'd just pedelled up. I wasn't late like I thought I'd watch. Andy dropped Sarah off at Mom A's and we went to Booster Juice...perfect for after the class. I'd brought a change of clothes which was good too.
Sarah Bara stood for 10 seconds on her own for Grma A and was playing games with her. Grma hide under the shorts and then I'll put them on my head and hide and pass them to you so you can hide again. Ah, cute. Weird Cherie's gone...but she made it to Scotland ok. Cherie - my sister-in-law - is helping out with a YWAM school in Scotland for the next 2 years. It's been really neat having her here in town for the past chunk of months. She is so good with Sarah.

Monday, August 29, 2005

the words

Now that we have a digital camera and can post more pictures (yeah!) I don't have to write as much eh? But I want to.
So, Saturday...a big a fun day. Started the day with a fitness class at the ARC. There were probably 40 people there...packed. It was fun, but not totally my style...bascially a weight-lifting class to music. I like more pilates/ball/core work.
Then home for a bit of a rest. Sarah had a 2.5 hour nap, or was it 3, so I went to the Garlic Festival alone, on my bike. It was put on along with the weekly Farmer's Market, which I really enjoy. It's so neat to talk to the people who grow the produce, make the crafts, etc. So, this 30- something guy with a great grey beard (maybe he was 40?) and matching hair calls me over and asks if I want a taste of his garlic hot sauce. He was also wearing a grey T-shirt and shorts. The sauce was delicious and we talk a bit. He uses all certified organic ingredients and has the honey in the sauce brought in from Alberta. His company is called oddball organics. I got some 'nasty nectar' for Andy for Cmas and some garlic (ours didn't turn out too great this year). Also stopped by Gesundheit Bakery, at the market, for my favorite kind of bread...100% rye. They are on Simpson Road in Abbotsford.
Then home and we packed up for our trip out to Kilby, near Harrison. Got to the store, looked around a bit. Sarah liked these animals someone made out of wool...very cute. I hope we make it back to look at the museum and animals. Yes, I think Sarah would enjoy them, although when we were at camp she saw some pigs up close and cried. Anyway, there is a very cute cafe there, that would be fun to spend some time at. The beach at Kilby park was nice...very windy though. We found a bit of shade. Sarah and I hung out there for a bit while Andy found where we'd head to go fishing. Then all together we embarked on our journey along overgrown paths, across train tracks, under a fallen tree, down a gravel covered slope, and through knee-height grass to a less-populated spot with a great view of Mt. Cheam. Sarah and I found a small shady spot next to a bush and played, collected a few mosquito bits (just me I think) and took pictures while Andy fished.
Then, did the reverse and had something to eat in the car...hummus I'd made at home (with James' parsley), and our tomatoes and bread.
Home brought us dishes to do, Sarah's bath, a little mental breakdown (for Cara) - so tired, corn on the cob from Steven upstairs and some saner moments and a good night's rest.
Sunday brought us pancakes and early service followed by more pancakes for brunch. I only had time for one pancake pre-service. Then sleeping and Andy took Sarah to the garden and I slept more. In the evening I needed fresh air so Sarah and I went for a walk in a delicious downpour. Stopped at a few stores. Encouraged a family friend we met to not dye her hair because I thought it looked did. I love natural...when the hair starts going grey. What is the verse that says grey hair is a crown? I got a few elastics from London Drugs...90 plus 60 actually...lots. Those little rubber ones - different colors. Then back home. Andy volunteers to do the dishes which I have no energy for and I have a shower with our new soap with cloves in it. Feel more and have kale and tea and blog...then bed.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

One more shot at the beach. I really liked this place...Kilby park. It was really windy. Sarah and I waited here while Andy figured out which way the fishing adventure would take us.

No fishies but lots of love.

Andy's shot of Sarah Mae Star :)

Mommy's taking a break...but watch out for mosquitos.

The one spot of shade we found at the fishing destination. The blanket is going up on a hill.

In front of the Kilby store. We actually didn't do the museum because it was more of a fishing/adventure day, but we peeked around the store. Andy said we could feel free to do the museum, but I thought it would be fun another time all together.

Yesterday at Kilby park. Will post more later. Sarah enjoyed the sand and dogs running around.

Here's the last of the vacation pics I'll post. The top left is us and our midwife, we visited in Cranbrook. Super cool to see her again. Sarah taking a stretch break, a lake at the top of a pass on the way home and our car and the big sky out near Pincher Creek, maybe?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

At the garden yesterday...reunion with Grma, Cherie and Sarah having fun and James inspects Andy's special bandage (with 'fancy' first aid supplies) on a burn he got canning tomatoes the other night.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Went to the garden today...Sarah and I ran there and surprised Andy. Tomato time. Yeah. I love the tomato picture Andy took.

a beautiful bunch of ripe bananas...

...daylight come and me wanna go home.' We've been enjoying Raffi's 'Baby Beluga' album from the library lately, and this line is in my head (just the part in the title of this blog). I really like the album. He has a pleasant voice and the latinish (i think some is) music gets me dancing.
Sarah is becoming more vocal and really expresses herself...screams and shreiks (sp?) when she sees dogs, cats, grandma. I can't wait till there is a reunion with Grma and Grandad Abrahams...they return today.
We've been able to start playing games with Sarah too...pass her something and she'll give it back and not keep holding onto it like she used to. I bopped out to check the mail and came back to Sarah under the laundry basket crying. This has happened twice now. It's cute, she's completely hidden. Have to think about getting some shoes/slippers for this girl, as I don't think we have any that fit. She could be learning to walk soon...crazy. Broke a jar of jam today. That was a mess. SM's woken up the past two nights in the middle of the So, off to a nap for me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Family photo, Bald Hill, this year. Welcome Sarah, to a great spot.

Andy and pregnant Cara on Bald Hill last year.

Andy, Cara, Amy and Sarah on Bald Hill with Crowsnest Lake behind.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sarah on Bald Hill, Crowsnest Mtn. in background.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


More photos yet to come of our trip...Danny gave us a CD of his digital photos. Blackberry jam we make tonight and then finish 'Mona Lisa Smile' which we started last night. We watch many movies over two nights. Very tired today. Went swimming at Grma's pool with my mom while Andy and Sarah did stuff together.

One of my fav. pics. Walking along the river. I should ask Andy which rivers these were, as they were at quite a few (photo Danny N.).

Daddy-daughter time by Crowsnest Lake (photo Danny N.).

Danny and Andy...the fishermen. (Photo: Danny N?).

One of the many fish Andy caught. (Photo: Danny N.)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I will now transform myself...

...into two order to get this house into shape. :) :) That's what I feel like doing currently. Anyway, smile, you friendlies must all wait to see pics from the Crowsnest trip because I'm sticking to my 2 a day, for now.
Missing Mom and Dad Abrahams...they're out in Oregon and Cali visiting Heidi and Josh. We BBQed salmon on cherry wood at your house the other night cause the last time we did it here the neighbor complained and we don't want to aggrevate them again.
Can't focus now, more words another day I suppose. Peace out.

Summer feasting. Enjoying the local produce (from our garden). A bean salad I semi-invented (with brocolli and peppers from the garden) and our tomatoes and peppers on the right. The yellow guys aren't ours.

Camping trip exploration. This is the last camping trip photo I'm posting. Playing catch-up I am. If you want to see more you'll have to come over :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sarah rumbling around the tent.

Our group on the camping trip. Brian, Austin (in pack), Nicholas, Erin, Cara, Sarah and Andy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

mom's post

Check out my mom's recent posting for cute shots of S.M. :)

hi quickly

It's harvest time. Since we returned Sat. evening, we've made apricot jam (using lovely organic apricots from Keremos (sp?), and blueberry jam and processed more green beans. Tonight we may can our romas. Wow. So, I'm pretty zonked and haven't shared much about our vacation...We got our pictures developed but I'm disciplining myself to share a few a day so I get enough rest.
It was a little anti-climactic coming home to the smelly, busy city. Our small and just perfectly supplied cabin was great for us. I had lots of time visiting with my friend Amy, and some other friends too. Saw Edith a few times...She's the lady (and her husband) who we lived with last summer. It was cooler out there. More shade. Didn't use sunscreen the whole week.
Last night before Blueberry jam time: Laying on the floor. Do we have any caffeine? I felt like I could fall asleep right then...Do we have any chocolate? Andy says, Just chocolate chips. Pass them here. I eat a handful as I'm laying on the floor. Maybe I'll just make one recipe of jam. Yeah.
Nap time now. :)

On top of 'Bald Hill' in the Crowsnest Pass, just up the road from camp. You can walk there from camp and get a good view of Crowsnest Mtn., the lake and other vistas. This is the day Sarah and I hiked up there on our own. The rock in the lower left is the top of a carin Andy had reconstructed a few days earlier.

On our Chekamus Lake camping trip.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

back in Abby

We're back. Check out a pic my friend Amy took of Sarah and Crowsnest Mtn on She's the photo of the day for today. Look at archieves if you arrive here and it's no longer 'today.' :) More later. Night.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Going on the Crowsnest Pass...leaving Sat. Please pray for me as we get ready to go (so much to do).
Andy is bringing a friend from work(Danny) and they'll be fly fishing. Sarah and I will be staying at a cabin next to Crowsnest Lake Bible camp. Looking forward to this...I'm bringing books!
Danny is catholic and loves kids (and Sarah, consequently). Pray for Andy and his times/conversations.
Won't be blogging till the 14th at least. Bye.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Did you see it?

The report about our first camping trip ended up below the ceramics shop pic, so I'm not sure if some people may have missed it. Big weekend it's been...more on that later perhaps. Check out the Engler's blog for some pics from Fri. night. Later.