Monday, June 13, 2011


This is what I heard from Sarah as she was in the bathroom yesterday.

"God always loves me." (reading the title of a book)

now singing:

"Taking children on his knee, saying let them come to me

God always loves me, God always loves me, God always loves me, the Bible tells me so

Jesus loves me still today, walking with me on my way, wanting as a friend to give, light and love to all who live,

Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus Loves me, Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so"

I thought it was neat how she stuck the "God always loves me" phrase into the song. The Bible tells us this too, for sure.
And I include 2 pictures of Sarah because in one she is not looking as she normally does :)
Sarah with Auntie Aimee, and cousins Eva and Anna. Sarah had made the paper craft for Eva's 5th birthday.
Sarah and I before Sarah's dance performance at the Abbey Arts. She was in a Kid's Lyrical Class at Freestyle Dance Centre in Abbotsford.


“I’ll close this too,” Jacob says as he closes a door. He can open doors now so that means he can go outside whenever he wants now. He got bored inside this morning and said, ‘outside.’ I love how he had thought up an idea of what to do.

He uses mainly, ‘nope’ and ‘yup’ as his responses to yes or no questions.

He is liking to not sit at his highchair. We compromised this morning and pulled the trayless highchair up to the table.

“Mommy, dump it in there.” Jacob says about the contents of his little potty while pointing to the big potty.

He uses the phrase ‘in there’ quite a bit. I.e. 'Sticky in there.'

He likes to talk about things that have happened before. Like Sarah pulling the towel bar off the wall. “Sarah, ouchie, there,” while pointing to the remains of the towel bar. She didn’t get an ouchie. She had been holding on to the towel bar and jumping while I was in another room. The towel bar and wall got an ouchie.

He’ll often say, ‘thank you’ and hand over whatever he isn’t supposed to have (like a pen).

When he’s done eating he passes his plate to me and says ‘thank you.’

He can also say, “Thank you, meal.” (thank you for the meal).

He cannot say ukulele though. He has called it a piano and song.

Here we are enjoying (?) a canoe time with our family on the May long weekend! We found the lifejacket secondhand and have neither seen the movie Cars or endorse it (I don't really like things with ads on them, but it is a great little life jacket for him :) Thanks Mom K.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hi. I am very sick. I am glad it is Sunday. Andy just took the kids to Whiterock. I will lie down again soon. I have been nauseous since Thurs. and got mastitis Fri. afternoon, for which I am now on antibiotics. The doctor said the nauseousness and diarrhea are from a stomach bug - the flu. I think it was a year ago January I was this sick last.
Well, being sick helps you slow down and appreciate the little (or not so little) things in life - your children, other people's children, the sunshine, your husband - and also think about and pray for those who struggle with chronic illnesses or diseases. There is a lady from our church whose husband read a letter about 3 weeks ago saying that her cancer (in throat?) had advanced so much she's been only given less than a month to live. Another man from our church is undergoing radiation treatment.
I'm pretty sure I'll make it through this sickness, but when I'm in it it seems difficult. Walking around is difficult. I have to be careful not to let my stomach get too empty - otherwise my nauseousness increases.
Time to lie down....