Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a time to play

Sarah was Bashful in a "Snow White and the Family of Seven" play at Greendale School. She'll go to Greendale next year.

We spent a good part of a sunny Monday a few weeks ago at Hicks Lake. So fun. Thanks Dad and Mom K. for lending your canoe.

Lunch on a little island.

It was very hot and Sarah dunked herself in and out of the water after our lunch. I was determined to not swim and get hypothermic like I have been known to do in other cold lakes, but she inspired me and I also dunked in a few times. And I did NOT get hypothermic and felt refreshed for the rest of the afternoon :)

a peek into this and that

Jacob's first trip to the Dentist.

Mom A. and Jacelyn at Easter.

Easter eggs our own hens laid. Colorful eh?

There is a tiger on the trampoline. Can you spot him?
Ethan, Grandma A., Sarah and Jacob.

Great Grandma Lillian and Ethan.

Cherie, Grandma Lillian and Ethan, Grandad Darrell, four generations.
We celebrated Cherie's birthday early since she was in town.


Zoo trip

 In March we visited the Seattle Zoo with my parents and the Schulz family. We stopped at the beach the first day, slept overnight in Seattle, saw lots of creatures and headed home. We had a very nice time. Carolyn, I have even more pics of your kids to share with you sometime too :)

rainy day visitors

A while back (in March, I believe) we had Andy's Grandma Lillian Abrahams, Andy's Dad Darrell and Carolyn and Dave over for tea and a peek at the farm. Carolyn is Lillian's younger sister and they were visiting her.