Friday, March 25, 2005

Andy found it

...her first tooth...Andy found it yesterday. It broke the skin and will just keep coming. She's turning into quite the young lady. Every developmental step reminds me of this. Sarah's been flipping over in her bed. She used to just stay on her back when we layed her to sleep, but now mainly when she wakes up or is not ready to sleep she'll flip. One time she fell asleep on her stomach and I flipped her over to her back.
I was sorting through Sarah's dresser - weeding small stuff - and I found the toque she received at the hospital. Oh, so precious. It reminds me of her first few days. She wore that toque constantly cause she had no body fat and we didn't want her to get too cold. It reminded me to of my delivery and how amazing that was. It's had such an impact on me.Up until a few weeks ago I would think about that night almost every day. I think I was really refelctive as she turned 6 months. I think I had a fairly straightforward delivery (except the hour of hard pushing and the fact Sarah came out head facing the ceiling) and I replay her birth over and over. It's crazy how she's grown. Every parent says that, but its true. When she was a newborn I had to put pillows under her to position her to nurse. Not so anymore. Sarah got some new clothes today...I fished them out from under the bed and sorted out the hand-me-downs that fit her now. I don't think we'll use the shirt that says, "I love Huggies." I like her pink shirt that says, "Grandma's little Angel...Branson, MO." Today there was another tourist shirt you may see her in from Arizona. :) I wonder what the story is behind those clothes.
Found another kids consignment shop by the Cottage Bakery. I bought a neck pillow that is shaped like a primary colored dog. Also got a great Kooshies hot organge diaper cover and some socks.
Had so much fun tonight making dinner and listening to the Staples on CBC radio 2. Dancing and entertaining Sarah. Great music. I heard these songs - "Respect Yourself," "When Will We Get Paid for the Work that We Did," "Long Walk to DC."
My tendonitus comes and goes in waves. My doctor says this is something I'll struggle with probably the rest of my life. It's frustrating...I can really feel it when I sit down at the computer.
I have become my own physiotherapist. I've started doing some of the excercises I was given a few years ago. I was looking at the Fitter First website and may order a few things from there too. I recently let my club membership expire. I'm hoping to set up a routine I can maintain around the house with maybe weekly pilates/swimming.
Today we visited my Grma W. in the hospital and sang a few Good Friday hymns. It was cool.
I got the Ergo Baby Carrier and it is so helpful...comfy...the last 4 days with it have been worth it's price. I've walked to the hospital with Sarah in it a couple of times with my mom. Yah, the carrier's handy cause then I don't have to hold Sarah (19 pounds now) and the huge stroller doesn't have to come into the hospital room. Steve and Carolyn Schulz are here now too. There were at breakfast and the hospital visit too. It's good to see them.
I'm looking forward to seeing singing Aimee and her fine husband Lance as they are headed out here at the month's end with CLBI's choir.
Sarah had her second food today...sweet potato. Lots of work to prepare. Bake it, puree it - add breastmilk to make the right consistancy, put into ice cube trays. And I even skipped a step this one book recommended...straining it after it's pureed. Does this seem overboard to anyone else or is this common (to strain pureed food)? She makes these cute faces when she eats recently...sticks her lower lip out and furrows her brow. I think she's good at eating :)
Andy is out in Penticton again - with Daryl this time. A huge group of our camp friends are out there climbing. Sarah and I would have gone too...but it's such a short time Andy'll be out there that it doesn't make it worth it for us to go...lots of family gatherings here too.
Feels like its time to stretch...then clear the sink...then to bed. Goodnight.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Have lots of my mind and lots to say but my tendonitus is acting up again so I have to be disciplined about not spending too much time on this here computer.
Weekend highlights:
-feeding Sarah her first food - avocado.
-Walking with AA & SA to the fabric store and stopping by an East Indian sweet shop on the way home...getting poured (rain) on.

A peep at our cookbook etc. shelf.

time to do dishes...I liked the lighting on this one.

Who lives on your bookshelves?

The tomato plants Andy's started indoors. He has his Grandpa's camera and took a whole roll of film Sat. to experiment...having a lot of fun.

Most current family picture...about 2 weeks ago. Andy got a haircut this last Sat. and looks way different now.

Visited Grma W. after shoulder surgery. Sarah is like medicine to her she says. Grma fell this morning and is currently getting x-rays.

This is the house we live the basement suite. My mom took this picture one Sat. when Steve (my bro) had tons of friends over. They love playing video games and watching movies together. You don't have to pave paradise to 'put up a parking lot.'

Friday, March 18, 2005

Big blues...a picture my mom (K) took a while back.

Monday, March 14, 2005

never be the same again

"I will never be the same again. I can never return. I've closed the door." :) This is a line from the song "Never be the Same" by Geoff Bullock. You can apply it to many things. Lately I've been applying it to my physical shape since birth. I feel "in shape" but am slightly bigger than before. My pre-birth pants don't fit still. I read somewhere that it may take at least 5-6 months to get back to pre-birth shape. I thought I'd fit within that cause I'm quite active. I don't think so. This is ok. I was quite small before. This new body of mine was really noticeable when I tried on my climbing harness and it fits me in the stomach but on the thighs. Oh yes. I'll still be wearing the 'fully adjustable' harness we have - yeah for that. Yah, I feel ok -read pretty great, wonderful, energetic, pretty strong - with myself and am thankful that I am not obsessing about getting back from wence I came...for "I will never be the same again."

the girls

It was just the girls at the house for part of this weekend as Andy went climbing in Penticton with Mark J. We did an awful lot it seems...tons of dishes, baked cookies and banana bread, laundry (of course), went for a run. Sat. night I didn't know what to do so we just hopped in the car and started driving. I had a few ideas and thought of dropping by someone's house and thought I'd call first. I was near Columbia Bible College, so I pulled in there to make a call. I found one free parking spot - the place was packed. It was 8 pm and there was a play going on. So, we stood at the back and watched it for a bout 20 min., till Sarah started making some noise. I was standing in the back next to the grand piano on top of which was the programs and at a glance I noticed the play title..."The Importance of Being Earnest." I recognized the play, as I've seen it in high school, and had made it for one of the climaxes (can there by more than one?). It made me want to take out the book which would provide more fully for the imagination, I believe...what the actors/actresses couldn't provide. The main actress I was getting a little tired of.
I hurt my back at church on Sunday. Sarah is officially too big for her sling. I only had her in it for about 2o min. while standing and didn't notice it hurting then...but later - ouch. So to the chiropractor today...boy was I out. Been looking at an Ergo Baby Carrier The weight is placed mainly on the hips rather than on one shoulder...Sarah is 18 lbs. 10 ounces now.
Had some blessings of food this weekend. Special rye bread, bananas & tomatoes from Mom, 10 cans orange juice from grandma & grandpa W. (doesn't jive well with medication they are on), and bananas from them too.

Just this weekend - She's been able to roll from back to stomach but gets stuck there. Now she can roll back onto her back again.
I left Sarah for a bit, as she was lying on the ground. I come back and she is eating the buck passer ads in the newspaper. Got a paper cut on her finger too. Opps.
When we lift Sarah up by her arms she now stands up immediately rather than just stays on her bum. She looks like a little water-skier to me. I laugh and laugh.
She has graduated out of the bassinet part of her "pack n' play" bed, because of her weight. Just read today to not use that part if they can pull themselves up or they weigh more than 15 lbs.

So sunny lately. Still been using the clothesline a bit...can't hang as much on it. There were so many people at Mill Lake Park yesterday. I jumped out of the park on our run, cause there wasn't that much room for everyone. Then we were on the stinky roads.

I'm sure there is more to say, but it will come later.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Andy at Rolley Lake last Sunday. I took two pictures of him because I thought the first wouldn't turn out cause he made this hilarious face and I laughed and the camera shook. This is the picture he allowed me to post :) No fishies that day.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Uncle Steve came for a visit. How many of Sarah's feet would it take to fill the size of Steve's feet?

Love ya Sarah.

What we see from our bed when Sarah is waking up.

Our beauty queen.

Where's Andy? He's pruning the tree.

Sunny Sarah.

more from last week

I had to make a difficult decision last week...twice...or I let myself make it twice. Ok, I'll explain. I was asked to be in a dance for one of the songs in our Easter production. I absoultely love dancing as an expression of worship so was totally into this idea. I got the phone call one morning and thought about it all day till Andy came home and we could talk. I, had, pretty much, by the end of the day thought it wasn't the best for me to be involved this year because of the time commitment it would entail - practices and 3 productions mist family gatherings...and I'd have to leave one faimly gathering early. And my primary priority is being Sarah's mom right now...I could already feel even my thoughts drifting from her as I entertained the idea of becoming involved. So, that evening I called the people I had to say no to and after I got of the phone joined Andy and Sarah in the living room. I let out a big breath, smiled, as I sat on the footstool and said with exuburance, "Now I can dance for you Sarah!" I got kind of animated and started tossing butt wipes (little flannel squares) in the air and somehow started saying "Easter" really enthusiastically at the same time. Sarah really liked this and was of course, the show went on :) I'd throw one wipe in the air. Catch it...say, "Ok, ok, watch this...I've got another one," and throw another.
Now, I had to make the decision again when I was called the next morning. There had been a misunderstanding. I had phoned two people and said I couldn't do it cause of the scheduling and one of the people thought it was because I felt I couldn't learn the piece in time and the other person called me to tell me more information, if that would help my decision. It wasn't that big of a dance...the practices would be short etc. Oh, so another day, kind of entertaining the idea. One thing that had helped me the previous day was that Andy said that there would probably be other opportunities in my life like this one. I wasn't so sure cause we may move away to a small community that usually doesn't do stuff like this in their churches. Anyway, getting the second phone call made me wonder if this was 'another opportunity' but in the same form (hope that makes sense). Anyway, I ended up saying no again and I am ok with that, I do believe. I'm 97% ok with the decision. I guess I do doubt and wonder if there will be other opportunities but that's what trusting is about right? Oh yes.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

just finished...

...putting cutsie to bed. I thought she was asleep but after I put her down and I kissed her forehead, she turned to look up at me and smiled with tired eyes, then turned her head and rubbed her eyes and now she's quiet sleeping. Awh.
Andy and I went canoeing today on Rolley Lake...without Sarah. It was closed so we had to walk the canoe down there a 10 min. walk. Most of the time we carried it on our heads - which hurt Andy's back and was fine for me.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

crazy house

We are reorganizing our house and there is stuff all over the place. When we moved here we never really organized everything. I'm glad we're doing it cause I'll know where everything batteries. Watched some of Toy Story 2 today. Funny moive. I love hearing Andy laugh and laughing with him.
We moved our bed around in our room too, and put up a blanket as a curtain between our bed and Sarah's - her 'independance' curtain...since we don't have another room, really, to put her in. Although, if we had another room, I'm not sure I'd want to put her in it just yet.
Sarah and I went out for a very short walk just to give her some fresh air...hadn't been out yesterday. Later, I went for a good swim and did some weights at the gym. I was the only person in the lower area for a while and felt like I was on a different planet when the song, "Puttin' On the Ritz' came on during my push-ups. Weird song.
Sarah is snuffly again - has been for most of the week. And she is developing more in the sounds she makes...learned how to scream this week. Her screams usually occur when she jumping in her Merry Muscles (Mr. Jumpsie, I call it). Yah, I like her new sounds. My mom told me that when we learned to scream she'd make low noises back to us in response, hoping that we would catch on to those sounds rather than stay with the screams which were hard on her ears. I've been doing the same with Sarah although she doesn't keep at it for very long at one time.
My grandma Wellunscheg had total shoulder replacement surgery this week and it was successful. She'll have a long road to recovery (3-6 months). I printed some of my blog for her to read and she really enjoyed it the night before her surgery.
Thurs. night we had another meeting with our study group and during that meeting we watched an MCC video on the cost of globalization. Most of the people at the group were kind of sad or frustrated after seeing the video which talked about coffee and corn farmers in Mexico who are suffering because they aren't getting a fair price for the product because of all the middle men in the market. The big companies, like Nescafe, get money and there is little or nothing left for the farmers. The video talked about supporting fair trade organizations and also mentioned that many farmers aren't hooked up with these organizations so are still 'stuck.' Andy and I had a different response from most of the people in our group, which we shared with each other on the way home. I thought it was great how we can 'vote' with our dollars. If everyone started buying fair trade items (coffee, chocolate, handicrafts - baskets, for example) the market would change. I thought maybe people in our group felt like they wanted to have a bigger impact sooner. Anyway....that's all for now. Time for bed.