Friday, November 27, 2009

Took this photo maybe beginning of October at a park near our house.

"Cheap stuff"

Hi. Being on a very tight budget at the moment has taken us to the lower priced shampoo and detergents and away from the environmentally unscented stuff. These cheaper soaps have their own hidden cost.

Not meaning to complain, but here are the costs: The shampoo doesn't work very well...leaves me feeling greasy in a's some 2 in 1 ...that could be the problem, but it doesn't say conditioning shampoo on the bottle...just 'strength and fortify, 2 in 1.'

The dishwasher detergent leaves our kitchen and living room (attached) smelling like bleach while it is running.

The new 'mountain rain' laundry soap gives me a bit of a headache (certain hang-to-dry items are in the living room)...hopefully our skin doesn't mind it.

I've been behind on sleep - hard to keep my eyes open at times. I was trying to explain why to Mom A. and it probably has to do with the fact that Sarah has been up the last 2 nights to go to the bathroom and have a snack. Jacob, most nights, sleeps through.

Yummy beet/carrot salad tonight. Shredded beets, carrots plus balsamic and olive oil.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A few pics my Mom took a few weeks ago when she was over. Well, I took the one with her in it.
Sarah got the bad bruise on her chin from sitting on the window sil (sp?) and jumping onto the couch, but the second time she did it she landed on the floor with her chin. I awoke from a rest with a scream. It's all healed up now.