Thursday, May 31, 2007

couple more naramata

Squirting a whale at Grma. Family: Carolyn on left, Aimee taking a picture, Anna in the 'tent,' my Mom and Eva, Courtney and cousin Travis. This was during our outdoor church service.

Abraham's visit

Here's a pic from the recent Abrahams visit, mentioned in a previous blog. Yeah, we love you!
And we've been enjoying the ball you gave Grma, we've taken it for a 'walk' (throw and chase) three mornings in a row now. The chickens thought it was interesting too :)

One evening walk

Down by the bridge and shadows of us.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Sarah loved the little playground 'stations' spread amoungst the cabins.
Brother Steve, Courney and Russ (left), in biking armour.

Friday, May 25, 2007

see other blog

new posts on camp blog :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Maylong weekend pics from Naramata

On the beach visiting/playing is my auntie Laurie, Maddy, Austin, Sarah and Andy. Tehillah 'swimming' in the grass. She did this for some time. It was so cute. Elijah and Eva have a story with Lance. Andy talks with Ben and son Malachi and you can see Steve Schulz in background and Lance and the umbrella-3-chair-meal-time set up for Eva, Elijah and Anna. They had little highchair sets that attached on to normal chairs.

started already

Well, I am already posting pics from the vacation. Perhaps I'll do a few at a time. Here is Sarah on the start of our trip. She's wearing a hat I wore when I was little - given to me by Oma and Opa Klassen. They got a kick out of seeing her in it this weekend.
A stop at my favorite store on Friday night - 10,000 Villages, in Penticton. Very fun to share with Sarah my joy in being in this place where all the beautifully crafted things (so many - baskets, tableclothes, scarfs, toys, picture frames, soap, journals etc.) are made by people who recieve a fair wage. She's enjoying the kids play table and she also helped me pick out chocolate and we found cinnamon, black pepper corns and cane juice sugar as well.

Camp blog updated today too :)

weekend vacation and Abraham's visit

We had a lovely weekend in Naramata, with my Dad's side of the family. It is a yearly trip we do, a vacation together. We've been to Naramata before. It is a favorite spot. It is a neat place with cabins on a lake and the kids can run freely without us having to watch for cars or anything.
We stayed in a duplex cabin with the Schulz's on our side and the Odegards and my folks on the other side. It was fun to see all Sarah's cousins again, and of course the bigger family and cousins, aunts, uncles as well.
Highlights include sleeping in a very comfortable bed. Too bad I forgot my pillow and had trouble sleeping one night till 4am when I got a sweater to use as a pillow instead. So there were some moments of 'hitting the wall' exhaustion that weekend.
Also enjoyed a great swim in the pool and a family canoe ride on the lake. Oh, I hope one day Sarah gets used to swimming. She didn't want to venture in the pool.
We took advantage of being in a bigger city and got groceries from a few stores, one being our favorite, "Whole Foods Market" in Penticton. We got huge bags of organic quick oats and whole wheat flour and replenished the supply of fair trade chocolate, included Sarah's supply - she got some with her b-day money recieved on the Naramata trip (we celebrate everyone's b-days there).
Sometime I will post pics of that trip - there are lots and it's tricky to sort through them.
Cherie and Mom and Dad Abrahams came to our house Monday evening. I took Mom, Cherie and Sarah on a rowboat ride. As I was opening the boathouse door the already broken door fell of it's hinge completely and landed on the stairs leading up to the boathouse. I was thanking God later that it didn't land on me and that no one was on those stairs (they were helping S. out of the stroller).
So we had a good boat ride, complete with a snack of pumpkin tea bread and apples.
Dad A. went for a hike on his own while Andy worked.
In the evening, after a long nap in the afternoon for S. and I, they took us out for Greek food in town. That was nice. Then a little walk by the river and a teeter-totter ride with Grma A. on one side and me and Sarah on the other side. I hadn't gone 'up high' on a teeter-totter for some time. It was high :)
Last night was the first night after 5 nights that we were sleeping in a building that held just our family. Today is our first full 'just family' at home day since Friday as well. We will do laundry and maybe make bread and go to the beach and see how the boat house repair is doing.

Friday, May 18, 2007

hike yesterday

boats, boats we love 'em

One 'no nap day' evening we went on our first boat ride of the season - just a little one. S. absolutely LOVED it and was talking about going for longer boat rides another day. Andy was in a different boat fishing and caught a brook trout which we had the next morning for breakfast. Boating is very relaxing.
The first pic is from the evening boat ride and the next one of us two is from yesterday when we went on a morning boat ride. Sarah likes to help row. :)

summer things

Trying a new outfit on the deck while Mommy hangs laundry (you can see reflection in window). This skirt is good for dancing. Orange juice popsicle time (also pb bread and apples) in another tank top. "I like butterflies."

clothes from Carmyn

Andy's cousin Jennifer sent us a box of clothes her daughter Carmyn is all finished with. It came at the perfect time, as we are nearing summer with not many clothes in sight...but now that is all changed. Lots of beautiful dresses, tank tops and some things for fall too. Picking up this huge box at the post office, I had to think twice about how to cross the street holding the box AND Sarah's hand. I thought of putting it on my head - no, too heavy. I managed it on my hip and urged Sarah to, "walk quickly, please." Here is Andy reading the enclosed note while Sarah surveys the clothes inside and then Andy as the "clothes rack." S. would take each piece out and examine it and say what it was and put it on his arm. Some pieces were put in other piles if they were 'too big' or 'for fall' I think. So, thanks so much Jennifer and Carmyn. We are very thankful, and my girl is very stylish now :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mom's Day

Special meals, special people. Tofu and veggie shishkabobs (sp?), 3 mother's day cards. Breakfast was special too. More words later probably, just wanted to get the pics. out.
Please see CAMP BLOG for a pic of my evening Mother's Day boat ride and other camp happenings.

rhubarb collecting

Our friends Daniel and Andrea gave us 2 rhubarb plants. Her is A. digging them up in their cute backyard and Sarah in the car with them. Thanks guys! This was on Sunday.


"Teach me, O God, to use all the circumstances of my life today that they may bring forth in me the fruits of holiness rather than the fruits of sin." John Baillie.
I found this quote in Philip Yancy's book, "Prayer." I have been struggling still with sleep...up lots to go to bathroom, insomnia and finding the last week particularly difficult with energy.
We have a vacation coming up and are hosting a lunch here tomorrow, probably, so preparing for 'extras' is adding to the demands of normal life. I appreciate your prayers. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

summer is here

We've been having wonderful weather!
At the volleyball court digging. The beach was to 'windy, windy.'

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Moms

1 John 3:18
Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. (NIV)

"The joys of motherhood
are never fully experienced
until the children are in bed."
--Author Unknown.
I connected with this quote, cause so often Andy and I lay in bed and I tell him all the cute things Sarah has done through the day.

This is a picture of my Mom, Kathy. I don't know where we are (see cooler the cake is sitting on), but it's someone's birthday we are celebrating. Mom always knew (still does) how to make a b-day celebration special. I think this is an iced blueberry coffeecake. I remember enjoying this one. Thanks Mom for making so many good celebrations. Love you Mom.

Here is a picture of my Mom Abrahams - Judy.
This pic was taken just after all the extended family left a gathering at her house. I think Mom A is a wonderful, generous, attentive host, who works behind the scenes to make the day special.
I love my Mom A.

Grandpa Lando and Grandma Kathy

This is the best pic from when my folks were out. Sarah was given a camp hoodie from Carol recently and that is what she is wearing.
Thanks for the fun visit you guys!
-meals together
-Andy and I got to go for a date
-Going to church together
-visiting after S. went to sleep
-you guys cleaning the kitchen and making -rhubarb crisp with the rhubarb you brought while A. and I were out
-quilt shop trip
My Mom has more pics etc. on her blog of our their time here, by the way.
Sarah says she misses you guys...she even shed a few tears about that fact the day you left.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

potatoes are in the ground

Hello. Had my folks up for the weekend. They stayed 3 nights which was great.
Mon. evening we planted potatoes and enjoyed some garden time. Sarah helped, and so did I. S. and I also took a little walk down from the garden to the creek.
Sarah's been enjoying tractor rides and throwing rocks in the river again. We made a neat little video to send to Cherie (and James), who is now back in Abb. We had thought we'd maybe go down so I could attend the BC Mennonite Brethern Conference get together, but it didn't work out. Sorry Cherie and James for the 'false alarm' in our coming.
We are having summery weather here which is great...and now my last 'image has been added' so I'm going to sleep. Yeah.

Friday, May 04, 2007

growing up

Hi. The other day last week we were at the garden on a sunny day and Andy decided the chickens could try a bit of fresh air. That was nice, being at the garden with cheeping chickens. They are growing up eh?