Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It snowed last night - our first real snow...interesting how I was alerted to it, was my mom calling me and telling me it was snowing in Abbotsford as well.
So, this morning, we went to the lake and I went ICE SKATING. So fun. Andy shovelled the snow off and Sarah watched and went on part of the snow covered ice.
I just came through another bout of insomnia (or is it still here?) which has an incredible impact on my daytime functioning. The new thing is that Sarah has slept 11 hours through the night the last 3 nights instead of her 3:30 am wake up in the middle of the night. But now, she wakes up in a 'bad mood' instead of her chipper self. I think she didn't get enough sleep each night, but this is life right now. I mentioned to my chiropractor that Sarah wasn't sleeping through and she said to check her spine (near it) for tight spots (knots) and I did and pressed on some and since that she's been sleeping (related?).
Well, who knows when I'll blog again, but I do have a lot of pictures to share. Just one for now, I'm on the way to the chiropractor.
This is Sarah tired in the snow (from last week). She says she loves it and would sometimes crawl in it etc. "Let's boo-ssshhh-k in the sun for fun" she says and then crawls and lays and squirms in it. Boosshhk is must mean go funny and squirm around, eh?
The picture didn't work out --- another time. sorry.
The picture has been added!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

in Princeton

One fall day in Princeton...in the leaves with a stencil bought at the Elks Country Store (perpetual garage sale run by the Elks), the Family Centre, a craft made there, and walking with our post office in the background.
Our family centre is open 3 days a week and offers a free lunch for people and their kids who are under 6.
We like it there.

Monday, November 05, 2007

About 3 weeks ago (?) we were out and about sweaterless (must have been awhile ago).
Sarah is showing me her dirty hands after jumping rope. Thanks Carolyn.

a hi to grandmas

Sarah wrote these captions:
"There's Sarah holding a picture of Grandma Kathy on the Magnadoodle. There's Grandma Abrahams reading Sarah a story (with Great Grandma Abrahams.)"
Message to Grandmas:
"I love you."
Sarah wanted me to tell you she drew a picture of a design, a flower and a little circle (not shown).

Friday, November 02, 2007


What do you think?
Hi. While at MEC in Calgary I picked up this pair of shoes for $50 (they were 40% off). They have a good return policy, so currently I am wearing them some in the house and trying to make up my mind.
You see, they are not fully functional for some activities...I guess you would say they are perhaps not very practical.
They are not waterproof, have no laces and could get dirty very easily (the mesh).
The pros are that they are extremely comfortable. They are more comfortable than my current indoor shoes. I have a pair of indoor shoes that I wear indoors. Because of my foot problems I get uncomfy feet very quickly unless I am wearing shoes with my orthodics.
They are quick to take on and off, making it more appealing to actually wear them. Sometimes I try to get away with wearing slippers indoors - too 'lazy' to switch my insoles and lace up my indoor shoes.
I think they would be my new indoor shoes which I would occasionally wear to dress up events (ya, ya, I could call these dress up shoes).
I just hope I haven't fallen in love with them because of their image. I had originally seen myself wearing them in town...maybe one day, but winter is upon us and then it's boot season.
See, the other fact is I actually need winter boots...and maybe hiking boots too, but we haven't hiked in years (hiking that I'd need boots for).
Andy actually needs shoes in a bad way...his shoes are falling apart. We are getting boots and shoes for him next weekend.
The company (Keen) who made the shoes, looks decent as well. For example, their box is made minimally as to not consume more resources than need be.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

one fine fall day

Hi. Sarah has been sick this past 2 days. We are hoping to go out for dinner, if she wakes up in time. This picture was taken a while back (3 weeks ago perhaps) on a lovely fall day in town, just outside the library.