Friday, September 19, 2008

More Birthday Fun

Sarah, Rhema and Faith down at the lake. The yellow sunlight is from haze from a forest fire somewhere.

Sarah and her plum pie.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crafting and eating at Sarah's b-day. They are making faces whose mouth can change expression with a sliding paper.

Checking out the hens and turkeys.

The turkey's are slotted for slaughter early October.

Faith picked a really cool carrot. The girls enjoy the camp swings.

Sarah's first birthday party with friends

We had a lovely b-day party (celebrating her 4th b-day which is on the 19th) with Sarah's friend's over yesterday. Faith (6), Rhema (4), Justice (2) and Phoneix (3 months) and their Mom Alyssa over for the day. They came around 11:30 am and the girls made a simple craft and had some healthy shape cookies. Justice was right in there too. Then they played and it was lunch time. We ate in the front yard with the patio table and umbrella up. Andy made lunch. Chicken fingers, homemade fries, steamed brocolli and carrots and some raw veggies as well. Also cut up nectarines. It was fabulous. Alyssa kept saying how nice this was. It was the first time they were at our place so it was pretty special. Sarah also opened her gift from the girls before lunch as well. It was some sticker earrings and $10, to share with our sponsored kids & for Sarah (however we want to divide it) and some tomatoes from their tomato plant. Then back inside for dancing with decoration streamers. Sarah and I had put up red balloons and streamers in the morning and made her plum pie(s). Sarah had the idea of asking her friends in advance what kind of pie they'd like and I told there Mom the fruit options we had and the girls picked a plum pie. They all loved it and had seconds too. We walked to see the turkeys and chickens and also to the lake. It was great. Alyssa helped me clean up after too. Before the kids left we gave them each a birthday bundle which is a cardboard tube wrapped up with tiny gifts inside - small toy, candy, balloon. Sarah really enjoyed putting these together this month. The idea came from a book we got from Grandma Abrahams. The craft came from there too. We'll see if I can get some pics up here sometime.