Sunday, April 05, 2009

maybe I am... Hawaii. I got a sunburn today I noticed as I was getting Sarah ready for bed. I cannot believe it.
Crazy. I knew it was warm and we wore hats.
She got a little color on her face and a few more freckles maybe but not a burn like me...welcome to Abbotsford!

we moved yesterday

Hi. We moved yesterday and it went good...a long day. Sarah to bed at 10:30pm. Steve Schulz, Daryl K. and Dan K. came up with Dan's truck and trailer to load and Don and Thalia helped clean the last day. The day before cleaners included Dan B, Dean and Lillian S. and Heather M. from our church in Princeton.
We had a car load of seedlings on the way home. We had to leave a little pile of things in the garage and Andy needs to go back and clean up some 'farm' stuff like chicken pens and other things that are not totally accessible because of the snow.
We relaxed most of the day today. Sarah and I went to the park and enjoyed T-shirt weather and meeing old and new friends.
More details on yesterday. The trailer was unloaded by Andy's Dad and brother and himself and our stuff stored in the Abraham's place. We are living with my parents now and will have our own phone line hopefully Tues.
I also got hooked up with a "Maternity Group" - 5 doctors and a midwife that share a practice in Abbotsford and Mission. I even have an appointment this coming week. I am also on the wait list (very long lists) for 3 midwives in the area, but don't think I'll get in with them at all.
So, I'll probably have a hospital birth, but that's ok.
Ya, the weather here is like Hawaii compared to Princeton where we had 2 three inch dumps of snow in the last week - so beautiful though.
Sarah was up at 7:15 am today, so she'll be extra ready for bed tonight and she's gotten lots of physical activity too...enjoying a razor scooter on the deck as well as park time.
So, thanks for all your prayers. I think I'm in holiday/recovery mode right now. My Mom is working on removing skateboarding pictures that were modgepodged to the walls of the bedroom that will become ours (Andy and I), so we are sleeping upstairs at the moment and Sarah in the library.
Thanks everyone for your generous help with our move too.
It was a great sunny day yesterday and we took the coquihalla and it was beautiful.
Lots of emotions and adjusting to the fact we left our house and town and place of work for the last three years of course.
I am thankful...I loved the country and now we have some time in the city. We have lots to eat, shelter and clothes and love. I am thankful we are not in a war-torn country and famine is not of concern.
I think of all these things cause it seems our life has been turned upside-down and there is still much that is not certain. But as I listed above there is much to be thankful for. Reminds me of the book I read with Sarah a while back, "City Mouse, Country Mouse."
The thought passed through my mind about the idea of there being a little recovery group for people that have just recently moved from the country to the city :). My conversations here will no longer include chickens and gardening so much...but maybe a little gardening since that is what Andy will be doing.
Andy has a b-day coming up - April 10th...and Carolyn just had a b-day March 28 - happy birthday!
My grandma W. and Andy's friend Bruce are both in the Abb. hospital.
I think that is it for now.