Tuesday, October 05, 2010

daily life

Sarah turned six on Sept.19th - some of my family heard the cake story:) We gave her my old bike - a tuned up BMX. She can go faster on this bike cause the wheels are bigger. Here are a few other family life pictures as well.

joyful jacob

Jacob has been doing a lot of growing up. As you can see, he is very joyful, enjoys buttons and has an incredible smile. At night, after I nurse him, he's been standing up on the bed, finding something to lift and throw and then he drops down, flop, on his tummy and laughs. Then I put him into bed and he falls asleep. That has been the routine the last few nights. He really enjoys standing up on that bed (our queen size on) and flopping down again.
He used that overturned coffee table to get up on the couch today...he is turning out to be quite the climber.
Sarah has been improving in her printing and reading. She also is taking a dance class this year.
Jacob has been practising his walking more and more lately. He really enjoys walking outside, in the backyard...also, when something really catches his attention he gets walking.

Jacob got a little owie on his nose, so that would be a scab on there.