Tuesday, January 22, 2008

some goofiness

Sarah last night.
I put the underwear on her head for underwear head - she thought that was very funny.
Then, hiding in the clothes hanging above her bed. She has her underwear in her hand now.

We've been having fun in the snow.
We visited Mr. Dottie the snowman yesterday, who has changed a lot since we made him.

The pic in the doorway is us after having come in one evening after a few 'ridge walks' - walking the ridges of the snow 'mountains' Andy makes when plowing the roads. So fun.
Then yesterday we took the beachball out for a spin.
Yes, ball fun in the snow. Keeps us moving and warm. It was minus 21 this morning and yesterday morn.

one tired day we took some photos

'so sweet' and Sarah's surprised look. We looked at this picture after we took it and she said, ''is that my surprised look?" Yes. Then we took a bunch more 'surprised' pics. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Andy and Grandad and I played a game of Hi-Ho-Cherry-O with Sarah while he was over.
She was absoultely delighted that all of us played.
When her and I play now she points to the other trees and says, "If Grandad and Daddy were playing we'd use those trees too."
Last year we used an umbrella when it was snowy cause S. was sensitive to the snow on her face. She wanted to try it out again this year.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last week I pulled Sarah on the tobaggon while I was on my cross country skis. We tried part of my usual solo path on the field. It went pretty good, but she was kinda cold. I wrapped my scarf (thanks Mom A) around her and she was complaining of tumbleweeds hitting her. Sure enough, the scarf was full of tiny burrs which I have yet to pick out.
We pretended we were a train. It was fun even though it was short lived. She's not been much in the mood to go outside lately, but we did for a bit today. The days seem long when you're in all day.
Tomorrow we go to town and she's babysat for 3 hours while Andy and I go to a Food 4 All food security meeting. Two guest speakers speaking on healthy harvest boxes and community gardens in Penticton.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

winter visits...

...with Walden and Sara from Abbotsford and Grandad, reading, "Alfie's Feet." We are looking at the snow covered garden with Walden and Sara.

Daryl and Teresa came up for a night also. It's been nice to connect with people in our own home - friends and family from the valley.

our christmas at home