Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lance's concert. The lady next to me said, "He has a lot of guitars." :)

Super happy in the backyard with Grma. This is my b-day outfit from Josh and Heidi.

What is that sound? A bird I think.

Concentrating. I want to make the horn work too.

Monday, September 26, 2005

first official steps

hey...had a good time at Lance's concert yesterday...and Sarah took her first steps there! She's done a few 'one steppers' in the past, but last night took three steps in a row. It was so cool. We were in the back playing with the other kids and Sarah grabs a plastic triangle - puts it in her mouth - and holds a circle in her hand and walks over to me. Seemed like she was being goofy - the way she was breathing with the triangle in her mouth. I think she was inspired to walk by the other older kids playing near her :). It was just like Grpa W. said, she'll 'forget herself' and start walking.
Still trying to take it easy with my tendonitus. Tonight we have a potluck with a care group that is starting up. Looking forward to that. Hey, I'm running in the CIBC run for the Cure (Breast Cancer), this Sunday. If you didn't get an email from me and want to sponser me, let me know.
Sarah wants to type to so that's it for now.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Your Sunday Evening

May I encourage you to consider coming to Lance Odegard's (my bro-in law) CD release concert tomorrow.
Should be a really good night.
Some details:


Lance Odegard CD Release Concert
Sunday, September 25 2005
7:30 PM at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, 32315 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford (at City Hall)

Lance Odegard, formerly a resident of Abbotsford and graduate of Columbia Bible College, has recently recorded his second CD, Renovation at White Water Studios in Surrey. It was co-produced by Lance, Steve Klassen of Sapphire Sound, and Bruce Rawling of Medicine Hat, Alberta. The new album contains 12 original songs and features local musicians including Mel Hayes, Nelson Boschman, Carolyn Arends, Sheree Plett and Kenton Wiens. Vancouver studio musician and producer Jonathan Anderson added banjo, lap steel guitar and dobro guitar. Many of these musicians will perform at the concert.

Of his new songs Lance says, "I think they might be some of my strongest to date. Lyrically, the album includes songs of confession, story, love, praise and antics. Musically, the album includes a bit more of a country feel while remaining rooted in folk music. I wanted to keep the songs as real and raw and honest as possible."

Special guest will be Franklyn Currie of Abbotsford who has recently released his debut CD.

For more information visit
Cost: $5 at the door
Contact: 604.852.3701 or 1.800.665.8828 or email

I'm doing alright. It's been busy and I'm avoiding things that bother my tendonitus...I'm on the mend. So not much blogging for now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy first birthday party Sarah!

Birthday party. These are the only four shots before our battery died. Great party. It was so fun. See my Mom's blog for more b-day shots...and some chasing the kitty shots from the other day.


Monday, September 19, 2005

so-far birthday report

Woke up feeling sicker...called and got a doctor appt. for this morning. They did Sarah's one year check-up too. Sarah is 23 pounds, 32 inches long, and her head is 18 cm around. Big girl. Went for a walk later to get produce and stopped at a flower bed outside an old folk's apartment to take pictures. Later, playing in the backyard...then sitting in the 'patio' area out there clapping crispy leaves together when up wanders a kitty (cat). The perfect b-day present. The kitty is friendly and leans into me with his big fluffy tail. Then follows a Sarah-chasing-the-kitty session. Out through the path to the 'patio' and into the neighbors yard. It was pretty hilarious. She loves cats.
It's a beautiful fall day here. Mom washed my dishes this morning which was great cause my tenonitus is pretty bad again.
Andy called! Yipee Skipee. This was the first time since he was near a phone (cell with them was useless) from taking off on the ferry at the beginning of their trip. He has 6 salmon in his cooler and will arrive in Prince Rupert, Lord willing, this evening, sleep and drive 14 hours to hopefully be back in time for Sarah's party.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The earliest picture we have of Sarah. My watch told us when this picture was taken...pretty much just after she was born. Sorry for the ugly blackness...I censored the picture. There is probably a better way...anyway. Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah's Birth Story

I thought, in honor of Sarah's birthday tomorrow, you may
enjoy the story of her entrance into the world. This is from
an email I sent someone. I also recorded it in my journel,
but am not going to release that version just yet...don't
want to type it all out...and where is that journel anyway?

I was in labor for 12 hrs. approximately. We went for
a walk during which time I had to slow down during
contractions...wasn't sure if it was actual labor
because I had taken these herbal pills from my midwife
to stimulate my uterus and had had some contractions
the day before that never turned into anything.
Anyway, the labor (real) started 3 pm and in the
evening (8pm ish) they were much stronger and at 11 pm
we thought my water broke and I needed to go the
hospital for antibiotics because I was strep B
positive. We thought my labor would be long since my
mom's with me was. Anyway, at the hospital (and some
at the hotel where we'd been staying) I had these
contractions with which I would involentarily pushing (this was the 'urge to push' they
tell you about.) Jane, my midwife, asks me what I'm
doing, ('what's going on here?' in an inquisitive
tone) and she says that she'll take a look at me.) She
said I could go ahead and push whenever I wanted. My
labor had my legs going into cramps too...crazy. I had
about an hour of hard pushing, drinking tons of water,
trying a new position (babe didn't like - heart slowed),
back to original position (on back on bed)...and then just
after 3 am Sarah slipped out. Her face was facing the
ceiling...I had been in back labor...which wasn't too
awful. I had noticed a constant pressure on my back
though. I felt like a truck had hit me the next
morning. Very sore shoulders too...I think from being
tense from nursing...and the gown they gave me with
all the snaps I never got done up right so was trying
to keep it on while I waddled to the bathroom
Yah, so it was a very positive experience for us. Andy
held my one leg and a nurse the other and the midwife
delievered Sarah, she was too quick for Andy to get
her. I lost about a litre of blood when the placenta
came out so was kinda tipsy for a few days. Yah, so

bedtime snack fest

Here's some stuff about Sarah I haven't told you, I don't think...
1. She likes hair, her daddies, mine, other kid's. When playing with other kid's with more hair than her, she'll often reach out and touch their hair...and I'm impressed with how gentle she is most of the time.
2. She's been drooling more lately. I thought because she was just really hungry but both my mom's asked today or commented, "she must be teething." Duh - I hadn't thought of that. Funny.
Sarah and I just finished having a bedtime snack fest. She emptied me and seemed still hungry so I put her in the highchair and she ate a bunch...sitting there in her pjs and bib. It's cool, she had her first sandwhich the other day, of spelt bread and tahini. Had more of that tonight. I was craving tahini so was drenching rice cakes in it. Yah, before we began our snack, she would stop breastfeeding and didn't look tired at all. We read a book a bunch, snuggled. She was kinda wired it seemed...all floppy and trying to eat my cheek.
Seems like we're over the hump of missing Andy. Tomorrow will come and go and then Tues. he returns...and now I'll be super-concentrated getting ready for Sarah's party Tues. night.
Today we went to early service. I was welcomed in by a super friendly lady named Sharon. She held Sarah for a bit and then Sarah and I enjoyed the peaceful nursery where I could hear the sermon quite well and she could rumble around. Then home...tired. When I woke up this morning I thought it was the middle of the night. I had planned on doing the Terry Fox Run today, but needed rest...and it was Sarah's naptime too. So, we did that, then later had our own Terry Fox run over to the garden where I picked a "beautiful bunch of ripe tomatoes" - lots. Hey, if any Abbotsford people want any - I'm serious - please call me in the morning, before I do something with them...if I get around to it. They are romas.
Enjoyed some Coronation grapes of the vine too and my Dad picked us up with all our produce.
Then home and a power-nap for Sarah. I enjoyed a lovely sandwhich of chickpeas, squash (didn't taste bad at all), babaganoush, tomatoes and freshly ground pepper...been having a lot of sandwhichs lately.
With no Andy around Sarah gets a lot of love. Been enjoying making her laugh lately.
Wow...when I'm sleeping tonight will be the anniversary of my having Sarah. At this time a year ago I was in hard labor and asking myself why people 'do this.'
Incredible sale on organic diapers here.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

quick before bed

An at-home day today. Backyard visiting with Mom and Dad. Sarah wrestled with Dad. Canned chickpeas, dehydrated apples, dishes, made Babaganoush (eggplant dip), actually had a sit down dinner with Sarah. She fed herself with the spoon today - first time. Then she'd hold the spoon out for me to help her get more food on.
Evening park time with Sarah and walk with Mom and Melanie.
Some sewing...mended clothes and made Sarah's down slippers from Value Village 'un-take-off-able.'
I'm hooked on spelt flour. Made my first loaf of spelt bread in the machine yesterday and it acts very similar to wheat - rises, etc. and it's tasty. It's expensive, but maybe not too bad at Anita's.

Friday, September 16, 2005

trucking along

I'm sure I've used that title before. Tired for much of the day. Sarah and I have a bit of a cold. Dehydrated some of our roma tomatoes - boy they're good. Got out for a trip to the fabric store and a run (did not feel like doing this but the after effects were good). Found a good trail for part of our run. Sarah fell asleep on the way back. Went to the MCC Relief Sale this evening with the Abrahams' and James. Had some 'African Snacks' as the sign said above the both were I bought my food...some deep fried root vegetable perhaps. Sarah and I snuck out of the people-packed inside food area to a 'outdoor picnic' area and listened to JD Miner and the Panhead . Made up of a stand-up bass, banjo/guitar guy, and a fellow with another small stringed instrument. Met a senior lady who remembered me from a time she gave me a ride home from church years ago. Congradulated me on having Sarah and I congradulated her on her recent marriage, she told me about. She was beaming....looked so happy. Some things I picked up at the sale : baby slippers, apples, jungle animal puzzle, a couple of books and garlic farmer sausage for AA.
Proverbs 23:13 NASB
Do not hold back discipline from the child, Although you strike him with the rod, he will not die.
The above verse was the 'proverb for the day' in my one year Bible reading. Made me think of a conversation I had with a friend recently about spanking/discipline. We'll me making decisions on how we will dicsipline Sarah soon.
The above verse and Proverbs 29:15 have often been used to 'back up' spanking. Just wondering what others stances are on spanking etc., what ways have you chosen to discipline your child(ren) when they were young (a year plus), has it worked?

I like how the following verse stresses the importance of discipline, whatever form one chooses to use.
Proverbs 13:24 NLT If you refuse to discipline your children, it proves you don't love them; if you love your children, you will be prompt to discipline them.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

not home much

Design team (see Sept. 9 entry, near bottom for what that is) meeting at church included a good time of getting to know each other. Many wet eyes as we shared 'why we are here' and a 'moment in church/worship gathering that impacted' us. I was kind of shaky and tired (didn't get my early morning nap with Sarah that she started just as I was leaving). Then home, fed Sarah lunch at Mill Lake while we watched the geese (and saw someone catch what looked like a tiny perch) and out on a big bus tour to get our special laundry soap and rubber gloves from Save-on on the other side of town (lovely run-on sentence eh? efficiency blog). Did a diaper change at the bus stop, talked to a fellow who really enjoys his job working at McDonalds in the lobby and cleaning tables...Sarah looked at Marigolds at the downtown exchange. Afternoon nap and then picked up by Grandad for a fish dinner at Abrahams with Great-Grandma and Great Auntie Ang. Neat to hear about Ang's work some (she's a LPN-licensed practical nurse). What did Sarah do that was neat I wanted to tell? Oh yes, she has signed 'more' on several occasions. (Her second sign, other than 'milk'). So cool. And this morning she pooped, for the second time, on her little toliet. Also cool. She seemed, perhaps, a little surprised, cause right after she made the deposit she looks at me and wants to hop off the seat.
Missing Andy more today, but I've sure been doing a lot (get tired of using the word busy).
He did call Mon. evening, which was so cool. Called from the ferry as they were taking off...all these guys on the boat would errupt into laughter every once in a while...sounded like he was in a bar. He parked his car at a campground and had to walk 10-15 min. to the ferry, so it was good we got that cooler with wheels. I wonder how many fishies are in it. The guys he's with brought a generator to keep things cold.
Oh, I decided not to be a part of a worship team this year and I feel really good about that decision. Thanks for your prayers.
Sarah may notice poppa's not around. Sometimes, when we come out of her room she'll be craning her head to look around me as if to see if anyone else is in the house. It's so nice being near family though, cause she sees lots of people. It's not just the two of us getting sick of each other...not that we would exactly, but you know what I mean?
We'll off to make a dent in the mound of dishes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday brought us early nap, mix together the beginnings of some baking recipes, walk to medical tower and le leche league (combined this with a walk with my mom). Good meeting at le leche roomate from my first year college was there with her 11 month old. Snapped my picture of the day - actually someone else did for us - of a bunch of us at the meeting. I'm taking a picture a day while Andy is gone.
Ok, the rest of this post is very point form cause my tenonitus is acting up.
Queen Street Farms
Nurse and diaper change by dumpsters
Consignment store brings fun nestling animal b-day present
another nap
Fun crazy play with Sarah...giggling, laughing, excited
Dance class tonight-latin again! :), Mom A with Sarah
Hard for Sarah to fall asleep...missing Poppa, or hearing upstairs people clean kitchen
Read book three times together, then goodnight
Finish the baking - Cara and Sarah bars

Monday, September 12, 2005


The morning came before I was ready for it - Sarah woke up an hour early - and I thought she may go back to sleep, not till 11am. Talked to my mom a bit.
Last night we were up there and Steven made up this song for Sarah, it was fun.
Ran to the garden to water and pick tomatoes again. Noticed on the way that plums are a good deal at Thumpers. May make plum jam...I like it. Saw Dad and James who took care of Sarah. Then Mom came home and visited with us. Took the bus home.
Crazy messy dinner-time for Sarah as I made babyfood and had my ryvita and beans dinner. Sarah was stuffing food in her face...she was pretty tired - and hungry - and rubbing her face...eating blobs of cereal mixture and fresh cooked brocolli. Took me probably 10 min. to clean up the mess. :) She only had an hour and a half nap, and I didn't really want her having an evening nap, like she did the other night...slept from 6 - 10 pm and then we bathed her and back to bed for the night. So I tried to keep her up. Meant to cook, but it didn't happen. Maybe have corn later.
So she ended up in bed, after a bath, only 1/2 hr. early.
New thing Sarah did today was stand up with out holding onto anything. She looked all proud of herself to. She'd squat, then stand and make a little sound so I would look and her eyebrows would be up and she'd look all excited. more typing for now, arms hurt. Bye.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Daddy's hands

Daddy's hands, Sarah's hands. Andy took off on his big trip today.

Andy took this one and the next while I scoped out the garage sale.

With Daddy at the lake, on our walk.

Sat. morning walk...Baker and ducks, Mill Lake.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

the punks are still out

Went to a 'show' last night. Actually, I'd forgotten, a younger friend of mine had invited me and at 10:20 pm Andy and I are talking on the couch and I realize I forgot to started at 8 pm. I decide to bop out and see if it's still going on...the band we wanted to see (one of the girls from a youth group Bible study I led is in the band) was the last up. I get there and they haven't started. The place is "Classic Ryhmns" next to Replay Boardshop. The band plays in the store front and the entrance was around the side. Backing up a I pull in a guy asks for a jump...he needs to be at work in 5 min. So, we do that and then I wander into the venue. My friend isn't there, but I know a few others, including another girl who used to be a part of this Bible study. We ended up hanging out. The punks are moshing and dancing and smiling. Everyone I smiled at smiled back, friendly people. The band I came to see is called, "You Say Party, We Say Die." Krista is the girl I know from the band. I get to talk to her for a bit. She's set up a tour for her band across Canada. I talk to her parents. The lead singer of the band is from a childhood family friends (make sense?) of ours. She is free and wildly fun and dances like I used to. I wore my slip on sandels so always tried to allow a bit of extra room between me and the moshers. Talked to a guy who went to the church I grew up in...he's a few years younger than me...wondering what to 'do with his life,' what direction to take...good talk, very honest. Pray for this fellow, if you feel led.
Yah, it was funny seeing all the punks in there black clothes and fun hair-dos. It just reminded me of how I was 'in the thick' of that scene years ago. Now I see someone head-banging and my neck hurts watching.
Got to bed around 1 am. Crazy. Andy was still up when I got back - tying flies :) - , so we're both on the short end of sleep.
Walked this morning around the lake - all together - nice. Then we found a garage sale. Got some colored mitt/gloves, dish drainer rack, clip picture frames, a swimming suit and pants for Sarah, and more canning jars (!) for $5.
Last night was my Dad's b-day so we had pizza upstairs and visiting and apple crisp with raspberries. It was a very nice evening. Sarah got to stay up late too, as she had trouble falling asleep. It actually worked out good cause she could see my Dad's parents, who arrived later.
I made her b-day invitations yesterday. That was fun. Picked out some paper and then put a picture of her on the front with a couple of punched leaves on the front and the details on the back. Ok, talk to you again sometime.

My Dad's parents with Sarah at my Dad's b-day party yesterday evening.

Sarah helping Andy pick out a sweater.

Friday, September 09, 2005

why hello

Thought I'd put out a few words. So, you've seen the canoing pictures. That was a fun time. A little tricky to keep Sarah in one spot in the canoe, but not bad. She enjoyed most when we were moving and liked the other boats that were on the water.
On Wednesday we met Andy at the garden. We ran, trying to find this path Dad Abrahams had mentioned...I think we found it. There is a lot of city, still, between our house and theirs. Anyway, everyone was home and visited with Sarah while Andy and I picked our roma tomatoes. I really enjoyed that. It's neat to just get down into the plant and hunt out those red red ones. And in the greenhouse it's a little tricky because you have to lean and contort your body to get the tomatoes in the back without stepping on the bed. Anyway, we stayed for dinner which was nice. I grabbed a 'lay down' on Cherie's bed. Miss you too, Cherie.
Then yesterday, we canned all the romas...3 batches. Working with pretty dull knives. Andy will sharpen them soon. My mom took care of Sarah for a bit during this time.
Sarah's been waking up again at night for the past 5-7 days, but last night she slept through. Yeah. And yesterday I didn't have a nap and I was amazingly energetic.
Sarah is not walking yet, but she will stand unsupported for up to 10 seconds. It's cool. She'll let go of whatever she's holding on to and just stand there...or if she was holding onto me I'll let go of her and clap and sometimes she'll clap along.
She's smart. The other day, I said, 'Can you wave to Daddy,?' and she did. This is without waving myself. And someone asked her if she wants to read a book and she turns and points to the bookshelf. So cool. She signs 'milk' and I think I've seen her sign 'more'. Andy and I need to learn more sign language too.
Put laundry on the line yesterday and thought I'd leave it overnight but it got rained on this morn. Dough...all that work.
Andy is gearing up for a childhood dream of a fishing trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands. He was invited by the maintenance man at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp. So on Sunday he'll take off to drive to Prince Rupert and take an 8 hr. ferry ride to the Islands. He's meeting up with Charles and Jim, Charles' friend, and Jim's dog(s) who chase the bears away. The guys will be fishing 'with' the bears on the river. Crazy big trip to the middle of 'nowhere.' So exciting for him too. He wasn't even going to ask me about it, cause he thought it was too much of a long shot, so was surprised when I said, 'I think we should try to make that happen.' So, he's been tying flies like mad (even during the movie we finished last night :) and gathering supplies. So, I'm sure we'll have lots of great pics to share. He'll be gone till the 20th, on which evening we're having Sarah's first b-day party with Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and uncles and aunt (just one aunt in town right now, Carolyn).
Can anyone direct me to instructions on how to share a video on my blog? I'd appreciate it.
Sept. is here and it seems like the start of a new year in terms of things starting up. We may be in a care group (yeah! missed this for a while now) and I'm back on design team at church (a small group that meets to discuss and plan how we can make our Sunday morning worship services more 'creative', i.e. express worship with not just singing etc.). I've also been asked if I would be part of a worship team. If you think of me in the next few days, please pray as I decide about this. I don't want to 'sign up' for too much.
Went to the 'great demo sale' at the HOJ on Monday and am really enjoying these two CDs. Fernando Ortega (Hymns of Worship) and Kathryn Scott's "Satisfy". I like the first song (Heaven Is Our Home) on Kathryn's album, it's more relaxed and 'homey' than the way we sing it at our church. So free, it feels. And these have got me dancing again too. It's weird and neat how many times a song will come on and I'll be sitting there and imagining choreography- I can see it all in my head - for it...and with lots of people. Hmm.
It think that's it for now. Bye.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Family photo at the end of the day. Boy, we sure look energetic. We stopped by Neilson park where we've picked pears and apples in the past. Looks like the next door neighbor, to the park, has been harvesting them. Maybe we'll get a few, we'll see.

A little mellower Sarah, Andy and a fly of his.

We stopped at this bank to wait for other boats to de-launch (?). Sarah's looking at twigs and leaves.

The littlest explorer.

Big smiles at Weaver Lake on Monday.

At the end of the day. This was Sunday. Early service, home for a nap while dad went fishing, family gathering and then home. This is classic. She always removes her socks...One is still in hand.

Apple from the tree, Grandad and a mommy- ride.

Some of Andy's shots from at Tim and Flo's farm.

Andy's uncle and aunt, Tim and Flo, have a dog. She had puppies a few days ago. We went to pick one out for Sarah...Just kidding. We just introduced her to these small little guys while we were at a family gathering.

Andy brought home 4 good sized sockeye salmon this weekend. He had some buddies pick him up in a boat out of Agassiz and take him to a good spot. Sarah really enjoyed touching the much that when we took them away she'd scream for she and I went outside while Andy was cutting them up.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm not blinking...taking a break while Sarah does some reading. :)

my discovery

Today Sarah and I picked up my parents from the airport and then went to MEC. Amazingly enough they gave me a refund for my hiking boots I bought last year. They didn't fit after my feet lengthened post-pregnancy. I got a purse, some shoes, a dark chocolate bar and some organic cotton ankle height socks.
So both of these days have brought me no nap, so wow...but I'm trucking along.
This past week Andy and I have had some good conversations and I made some 'discoveries' or had some revelations I guess you could call them. It started before our conversations with something I thought of last week. For a long time...since Sarah's birth, I guess, I've been waiting for my energy to come back and I've not felt quite myself. But through this experience (being a parent, a mom) and talking to other parents/moms, I've come to the conclusion that being a parent of young kids often means being tired all the time. There are various degrees of tiredness which you operate out of. I decided that instead of waiting for my energy to come back, I want to enjoy where I am at NOW, no matter how I feel. If I am always living in the future I may miss out on what is offered at this moment.
Then, this week, it went a step deeper. I can see how I've been struggling, for some time, with not being satisfied. I'm always thinking about what I could do if I had more energy. But, my main privilege and role in life right now is being Sarah's Mom. That is what I can do right now. So, I've found the last handful of days a greater joy in just being her Mom, even if that means no ballet classes or gym membership and continuous diapers and dishes. Because coupled with this is moments of laughter, Sarah initiated games, witnessing many firsts and being able to provide nourishment (physical-thank you God for provision, emotional, and one day spiritual) and the list goes on. So, I am *very* thankful for this revelation. Even when I'm 'zonked' I have found that I am not thinking, "I can't believe she isn't sleeping or eating or whatever, she's supposed to be doing,' and feeling like it's a bother when things don't go as I expect. I am thinking, 'this is what mothering is all about...being there, rolling with the punches. This is the territory. I'm in it...keep mothering, push through by God's strengthening and love with the love he gives you.' And if my energy does 'come back,' yeah. If no, I'll enjoy the pretty good stretches I've been experiencing lately. As for feeling like I did physically pre-child, that may come when my kids are graduated from high school? But, I'm not thinking or focusing on that now, am I? :)
My Mom gave me a shirt a while back that says 'Satisfied' on the front. On the back is printed Philippians 4:12b-13 "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength." I used to say this is my 'challenging shirt.' I rejoice that, at this time, it seems to describe the wearer more fully. Thank you God.
Well, that's all for tonight. Let me know, if you are a parent, if you've had a similar 'revelation.' I feel like it's a pretty simple thing to learn, but it's an awesome discovery for me and I have a suspicion I'm not the only one who's made the discovery.
So thankful. Goodnight.

my day with heather

Yesterday I spent most of the day with Heather and her 13 month old girl, Marissa. We met through Le Leche League and then again at a worship concert in the park. We walked slowly around Mill Lake, let our girls enjoy the swings, dirt and wood chips at the 'blue playground' and made our way to her house where Heather made lunch for me. Lunch was homemade spelt thincrust pizza...yum. She made the dough and we waited for it to rise, so we had a late lunch. I'm glad I met Heather. We have a lot in common...use cloth diapers, like experimenting with wheat and sugar-free recipes and we buy organic foods when we can.
Sarah really enjoyed all the new and big toys at her house...Little Tykes play kitchen etc. The funnest time was watching Sarah chase Marissa down the hallway and into the bedroom which had a bunch of mattresses on the floor for their bed. Sarah would shriek as she crawled super-fast to see where Marissa was going. The girls really enjoyed crawling on the mattresses. They were both tired, you could tell, because how they would just flop over on the bed every once in a while.