Monday, December 18, 2006

Birdfeeder measures our snow accumulation.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph and Andy's gift - the giftwrap was an art project of Sarah's. It's fun to hear Sarah play with the characters and say 'baby Gee-sauce.'

Our lodgepole pine Christmas tree...just recently the top strand of lights burnt out.

Going back to our house.

The barn in our snowy landscape.

Andy has been super busy the end of last week with plowing. Here is some of his handy-work on the camp driveway. The weather co-operated with his weekend and it wasn't snowing.

Here's the picture. We're warm but maybe look a little goofy - mainly Andy with his huge down hood? :)

Out in minus 10 weather to find some sun for a family picture.

Sarah decorating Andy's Christmas present from her - big 'ol gingerbread man...he got wrapped up and put under the tree. Sarah designed the dough buttons.

Look, Andy emptied out the other side of our garage, so if you come to visit you can park here if Carol is away, that is.

More tree setup.

Bringing in the Christmas tree.

Nathaniel Leppky. He and his parents visited us - that was great.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

a bunch of words for you from me

Where are we at? Snow snow snow. Lots of it. Snow means Andy usually comes in for a late lunch cause he's plowing lots. Today Sarah and I went to town for something called "Parent Talk". They start with a snack and coffee with the kids and parents, then the kids get watched and played with while the parents go to a different room and talk about a specific topic. This time was a Christmas craft day. This was actually our first time going. I didn't know exactly how the whole thing was set up. I thought maybe we'd be in the same room with the kids, but no. Sarah did fine and I entered the 'parent room' which was transformed (an old elementary school room) into scrapbooking 'heaven' or shall I say 'haven'. Anyway, this lady has this great business (Tin Box Creations) based in Princeton of clear rubber stamps...we got to make cards and whatever for over an hour and take what we made home for free. It was nice. Snowing lots when we came out of the place and we went to the bank and Home Hardware and crept back home. 40 km/hr is my new favorite speed. Sarah and I ended up in a snowbank last Tues. - going around a corner to fast for the slippery conditions (little bit of sun, hovering around zero) and the car spun and we ended up on our side of the road's shoulder facing the opposite direction of the way we were headed. Anyway, we prayed and thanked God for protection and I tried to calm down. Sarah had started crying right when we started slidding. A local senior couple came and the Mr. dug me out (and chopped a frozen limb we ended up on top of) and flagged down some forestry people to help with towing us out. We sat in the couple's warm car while everyone got our car out of there. We missed playgroup that day, but made it to the doc.'s appt. on time.

Christmas has been hard for me this year, like it always seems to be, with regards to slowing my mind down. I am a creative person and love giving gifts so that lends to lots of potential thinking. This year countless (maybe not quite countless) craft (sewing projects) ideas have gone through my mind, but do I have time or energy to do them? I didn't think we had much for Sarah but the socks, undies, small flashlight, choc. and can of salmon really fill up her stocking:) I even found a little ballerina doll in some stuff I got from Freecycle a while back - not that I want more dolls for her, but it's what we had, and she'll love it, I think, cause the eyes open and close. Personally, I think she needs more trucks :)

Anyway, I recieved the gift of time for Christmas. Andy installed the dishwasher that has been standing watch over the door leading into our house from the garage. I will be even more 'in love' with it when we get some 'natural' detergent and I'm not eyeing suspiciously those leftover 'soap'/'water' marks. The detergent is 'poison' Andy says - not supposed to get it on your hands, so I don't like imagining us consuming residues of it from our dishes. Anyway, we're using less detergent now also.

So ya, it's nice with all the snow. Haven't gotten out enough lately. Yesterday was in all day. It was bread day. Our bread machine 'died' (we need a new bread pan, Black and Decker, 2 lb. loaf, anyone have an extra?) so I've been making bread from scratch with my Kitchen Aid mixer, although yesterday I tried my hand at kneading for 10 plus minutes cause too much flour was in the machine. So I usually make 4 loaves and that takes about 4 hours. Some of the dough gets shaped into buns sometimes. Yesterday I forgot the salt in one batch, but it's not too bad anyway. Anyone have a good 100% whole grain recipe with only molasses or the sweetner?
Ok, where was I? So after being in all day, Sarah and I visited Andy in the shop after dinner and after loading up Mr. friendly and oh-so-helpful Dishwasher. He (Andy, that is) was making a metal piece for a hoe for gardening - a colonial hoe. He bought a tap and dye (sp?) set to do so.

Tomorrow is our church's banquet and jr. choir 'production' at the other camp her, just out of Princeton, Rock Ridge, run by Young Life. Carol, the director here, is on sabbatical for the month. That is good. She needs a break.

We have a lodgepole pine tree we cut from the backyard up with lights and ornaments. Real trees have usually given me headaches, but this year the pain is barely noticeable because our house is so spacious. Last week Paul and Jodi and Nathanial (5 wks old) stopped by and ended up staying the night. That was good to see them and the newest member of their family.
What else can I say? I don't mind being stuck inside, but have been quite tired lately so doing much active is difficult and I miss it. This week's been better. I asked for people to pray at church on Sun. regarding my sleep and focus during this season. I think sleeps have been better. Sarah's still been going to bed with us or after - between 10 and 11pm. Then she sleep till 7:30 about. Yest. woke up at 7:30am, she nursed, then back to sleep till 9:45 am. Don't know if I want to get her to bed earlier. This means I get less sleep probably.

Went to Penticton on Mon. for a foot doc. appt. for me and learned that the orthodics I bought a couple years ago weren't very well made (erg. They were EXPENSIVE). So, they aren't helping my callus on the bottom of my foot lessen. That callus has formed because of a very flexible joint in my foot causing all the pressure that should go on the ball of my foot to go on the middle bone of my foot, creating a painful callus and corn and a bunion. So, he wants to make a new pair of orthodics for me. (I know I'm not being very specific with bone names etc. Can't remember at the moment). I'm game, another thing to save for I suppose. We also hit a couple thrift stores (I felt so at home, had a blast), 10,000 Villages (Sarah loved this bicycle push toys made from coathangers and fabric (fun to see her laugh and giggle at it and try pushing it - to share joy in my favorite store) and also a pop-up 'puppet'. Didn't get to purchase anything, cause we were running out of time, and a very quick health food store trip.) Then we came back for our last Bible Study before the new year.
Anyone know about this? The blogger dashboard says the 'new version of blogger is ready' - should I update - is this the thing Denise said is giving people troubles or something different?
How are you guys all doing with focus during Christmas? We found this CD in our 'River Runs Through It" DVD Andy got out yesterday. Enjoyed that is morning - oh, it's the Nelson Boschman Trio - creative fresh jazz (all jazz is creative isn't it?) with a Christmas flavour - I think the CD is Christmas - we got it last year around Christmas.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Andy installed some clothes lines in our bedroom and in Sarah's. The clothes dry lovely up here because the woodstove is just beneath them and the clothes drying adds nicely too the humidity in the house which we need to counteract the 'drying out' action of the house.

Finally Mom, here is the quilt I'm making. She asked for a picture. The light colored fabric was a sheet. I'm kinda at a stand still currently...afraid to make a mistake when I'm quilting and so tired. I don't like ripping out stuff.

Deep fried tofu, Edamane (young soy beans), tuna, salmon sushi, California rolls and the tempura and udon soup had not yet arrived. Sarah loved the salmon, beans, tofu...great place for her. The tea was green tea brewed over brown rice - delicious.

We went out for Sushi on Sun. - so nice, a family meal out together. We were excited. I'm making a grocery list. Sarah enjoyed the spinning sign outside the window.

In the cold cold weather driving. Minus 20 we had for a while. Sarah wears my hat and puts her hands in a balaclava...she must have thrown her hat and mitts off.

Looking for a Christmas tree which we'll hopefully set up today.

A happy moment on the sled. She's a little wary of sleds.

Oh, I've been enjoying skiiing a little. I made a trail around the field.

Sarah decided she wanted to pick up this little hitchhiker.

Too much snow on the tractor to ride now, but this was great fun a few weeks ago. We didn't have sun at our house anymore, but we rushed out to the driveway and tractor and got a good dose.

Sunshine tractor ride. I love this view.

Oh, Daddy snowman fell down. Sarah is wearing a toque I wore as a kid.

After the second snowfall the snow was actually wet enough to build these guys.

Monday, December 04, 2006

On the ferry - cold and fun times. This is early morning 8:30 am ferry.

After a lovely dinner at the Boat Basin Restaurant we went for a walk to see the commercial fish boats.

The view for lunchtime.

Lunch on the beach. A set up a tarp. We rehydrated soup cups.

The sign.

Crazy wetness and lovely waves. We took lots of pictures even so. This is hiking the Wild Pacific Trail which we acessed (sp?) by walking from the place we stayed at.

Our anniversary getaway - we stayed in a self-catering suite in someone's home in Ucluelet. This is a picture at my birthday breakfast.

Sarah watching Andy put the finishing touches on the roof of the garage.

Cheerio time. We get to finish the boxes left open from the end of camp.

We went for a hike like a month ago now. Mr. Silky Whiskers came along.